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Index of Contributors


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Gustave Caillebotte The Floor Planers (1875) [painting] 6
Pris Campbell No More... [poem: tanka sequence] 12
Christopher Candice Beepbop [microfiction] 5
Christopher Candice The Q Menagerie [flash fiction] 4
Bill Capossere Peckish [microfiction] 2
Bill Capossere The Last Man on the Moon [prose poem] 2
Caravaggio Gypsy Fortune Teller [painting] 19
Matthew Caretti Drinking Pálinka With Attila [haibun] 7
Sarah Carleton 1977 [poem] 11
Sarah Carleton Lonesome [poem] 17
Sarah Carleton Out of the Fog [poem] 11
Sarah Carleton Soft Landing [poem] 17
Emily Carr Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky (1931) [painting] 6
Emily Carr The Great Eagle, Skidegate, B. C. (1929) [painting] 13
Joann Carrabbio Eight Paintings [visual art] 5
Bella Mahaya Carter A Couple of Queens [microfiction] 18
Bella Mahaya Carter God of the Cornfield [microfiction] 18
Bella Mahaya Carter The Magician [microfiction] 18
William Cass Anniversary [flash fiction] 12
William Cass Neighbors [microfiction] 16
Luanne Castle A Trio of Linked Micro-Stories (“From the kitchen you enter”; ;“Fluffy gray kittens”; and “From my locked bedroom,”) [microfiction] 7
Pamelyn Casto In the Quink of an Eye [flash fiction] 4
Nancy Cheairs Perfect Light [painting] 19
Hemapriya Chellappan Almost Human [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Hemapriya Chellappan & Bryan Rickert One Last Look [micro-poem: rengay] 10
Hemapriya Chellappan & Christine L. Villa On the Brink [micro-poem: split sequence] 9
Marta Majorka Chocilowska Two senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
David Chorlton A Chinese Court [painting] 13
David Chorlton & Gary S. Rosin Talking Back to Art [poems, ekphrastic] 13
Jackie Chou Kismet [cheribun] 11
Roberto Christiano The Question of Questions [poem, ekphrastic] 15
Rick Christiansen Baby Teeth [prose poem] 14
Rick Christiansen Into the Can [haibun] 11
Rick Christiansen Sharp Encounters [haibun] 11
Robin Church Fascinated by Death [prose poem] 13
James Claffey Two Prose Poems: Numbers 1 and 5 from his series “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” [prose poems] 9
Dennis Marden Clark Quink Again [poem] 4
Jennifer Clark A Pleasant Incident [prose poem] 9
Jennifer Clark In the opinion of this operative, this town steams with lewdness [microfiction] 9
Camille Claudel The Waltz [sculpture] 18
Tom Clausen & Christine L. Villa Ancient Call [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Carrie Close Ode to my breasts [poem] 9
Glenn G. Coats Headstream [haibun] 7
Glenn G. Coats Intercessor [haibun story] 7
Glenn G. Coats Jackie Boy [haibun story] 1
Glenn G. Coats Scout [haibun] 1
Karen Coburn Untitled [Woman in red dress] [digital drawing] 16
Douglas Cole Paradise Now [flash fiction] 8
Richard Cole The Silence of God [poem] 5
Richard Cole Two Monochromes: Big Love and Corona 5 [visual art] 5
Richard Cole Understanding Markets [haibun] 5
Roger Colombik A Prayer for Sakartvelo [prose poem] 10
Jack Cooper Green Confidence [poem] 7
Jack Cooper It’s Time to Rethink Recycling [essay] 5
Jack Cooper Naming the Phenomenon [essay] 4
Jack Cooper No Place to Go: A Constant Reminder [essay] 2
Jack Cooper Not of This World [poem] 2
Jack Cooper Sleepless in Fact [essay] 1
Jack Cooper Triangle [prose poem] 7
Jack Cooper Two Poems: “Mind to Molecule” and “Feast of Impulse” [poems] 4
Jack Cooper When We Decide [poem] 2
Kazuko Cooper Sunbow [Sun Halo] [photo] 4
Beth Copeland Mountain Cento [poem] 16
Carlotta M. Corpron Little Boy with Peppers, Mexico [photograph] 18
Dawn Corrigan Half Measures [micro-poem] 8
Theresa Coty O’Neil El Camino [prose poem] 3
Gustave Courbet Girl With Seagulls, Trouville [painting] 5
James Crombie Starling Murmuration Over Lough Ennell [photograph] 7
Michael A. Cummings Three Art Quilts: James Baldwin: Born Into a Lie #3; Frida Kahlo; and Freedom [textile art] 10
Laine Cunningham Conquistadores [prose poem] 4
Laine Cunningham Selfie [poem] 4
Steve Cushman On the 17th Hole [prose poem] 2
Steve Cushman Oyster Crackers [prose poem] 2
Steve Cushman So Damn Tired [microfiction] 1
Rachel Custer After Reading Flannery O’Connor [prose poem] 18
Rachel Custer The Lunch Lady Reads The Poisonwood Bible [prose poem] 18
Rachel Custer The Calvinist Preacher Reads The Great Gatsby [prose poem] 18
Lynn Czaban Four Portrait Quilts [textile art, ekphrastic] 13


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Olivia Dalessandro On the Beach With Linda [flash fiction] 1
Sarah Das Gupta Four Untitled Micro-Poems (first lines: “a temple bell; An ant runs easily; Seen from the train; the glacier”) [micro-poems] 20
Tess Davenport Two Artworks: Portrait for Dad and Portrait for Aunt Barb [digital paintings] 8
Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja Ancestral Gold [painting, mixed-media] 19
Tish Davis Fireflies [tanka prose] 2
Cherie Hunter Day 42R Mill Street [haibun story] 6
Cherie Hunter Day Agency [haibun] 15
Cherie Hunter Day Crumb Lords [prose poem, ekphrastic] 9
Cherie Hunter Day Currency Exchange [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Cherie Hunter Day For Strength [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Cherie Hunter Day Gallery of the Like-Minded [haibun, ekphrastic] 15
Cherie Hunter Day Gastroliths [prose poem] 19
Cherie Hunter Day Holiday Heart Syndrome [haibun story] 1
Cherie Hunter Day Memory as a Kind of Resurrection [haibun] 15
Cherie Hunter Day Once Upon a Time in Storyville [microfiction, ekphrastic] 13
Cherie Hunter Day Pantone Unveils Its Color of the Year [haibun] 9
Cherie Hunter Day Radio Silence [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Cherie Hunter Day Sugarbone [prose poem] 6
Cherie Hunter Day Tasks in the Basket of Summer [tanka prose] 12
Cherie Hunter Day The Seeds at Svalbard [prose poem] 9
Cherie Hunter Day Untitled [shahai, with monoku] 19
Cherie Hunter Day Untitled [shahai, with haiku] 19
Cherie Hunter Day Vocation [haibun] 12
Cherie Hunter Day Yesterday’s News [prose poem, ekphrastic] 19
Robert L. Dean, Jr. A Well-Lighted Place [prose poem, ekphrastic] 17
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Any Little Sure Thing [poem] 12
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Baby Blues Birds [poem] 10
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Bach in Vienna [prose poem, ekphrastic] 3
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Borderland [poem, ekphrastic] 6
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Borrowed Time [poem] 7
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Breath of the Lord [poem, ekphrastic] 19
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Crapshoot in a White Coat [CNF] 3
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Cruel and Unusual [poem] 14
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Dancing in the Eye [poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Doppelgänger [poem] 5
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Eyes on You [poem, ekphrastic] 5
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Fall From Grace [poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Finding the Door: One Writer’s Approach to Ekphrasis [craft essay] 13
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Hands [poem, ekphrastic] 4
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Home is the Sailor [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Robert L. Dean, Jr. I Dream I am Chuang Tzu Dreaming
He Is Me Dreaming We Are Dalí’s Moustache
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Impression [CNF, ekphrastic] 5
Robert L. Dean, Jr. In Which the Dark and I Come to Terms [poem] 20
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Just East of Midnight [poem] 11
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Light Speed [poem] 11
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Napalm Girl and the Boy Next Door [flash fiction] 9
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Newsboy [poem, ekphrastic] 4
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Not Even a Bird [poem] 16
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Old Style [prose poem, ekphrastic] 17
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Second Sight [poem, ekphrastic] 14
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Spacemen [prose poem] 8
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Subject To [poem, ekphrastic] 18
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Temporarily Condemned [poem, ekphrastic] 18
Robert L. Dean, Jr. The Bus to Elysium [prose poem] 4
Robert L. Dean, Jr. The God Particle [prose poem] 2
Robert L. Dean, Jr. The One the Brothers Grimm Left Out [poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. This Floating Life [poem] 9
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Visitor [poem] 3
Robert L. Dean, Jr. We Are Dysfunctional But Open for Business [poem] 19
Robert L. Dean, Jr. What I Remember [poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. What Is the Frequency, Kenneth? [poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. & Skyler Lovelace Piatt Street, 1965 [photo-poem] 13
Howard R. Debs Interior of Ice House at Rose Hill Manor [photograph] 5
Edgar Degas Dancers in the Rotunda in the Paris Opera [painting] 13
Edgar Degas Four Dancers [painting] 17
Edgar Degas L’Absinthe [painting] 15
Edgar Degas Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer [sculpture] 13
Edgar Degas The Dance Class [painting] 16
Giovanni Battista della Rovere The Holy Shroud [painting] 15
Rebecca Dempsey Woman of Salt [microfiction] 15
André Derain Portrait de femme (circa 1934-39) [painting] 15
Steve Deutsch Memories [poem] 20
Steve Deutsch Menagerie [poem] 14
Steve Deutsch Message in a Bottle [poem] 3
Steve Deutsch Rereading [poem] 8
Steve Deutsch Showtime [poem] 5
George Digalakis &
Gary S. Rosin
Caught while escaping [haiga: photograph + poem] 4
George Digalakis &
Gary S. Rosin
Don Quixote on the Shore [chaiga: photograph + cherita, inverted] 5
George Digalakis &
Gary S. Rosin
[crows] [haiga: photograph + poem] 8
George Digalakis &
Gary S. Rosin
Out of the Haze [haiga: photograph + poem] 8
George Digalakis &
Gary S. Rosin
Waiting [haiga: photograph + poem] 10X
Jude Dillon Triggered: A Pillow Book [micro-review] 20
C. S. Dines Pilgrim’s Protest [microfiction] 20
Margaret Dornaus 2020 Hindsight [haiku sequence] 12
Margaret Dornaus Birthright [prose poem] 6
Margaret Dornaus In America: Remember [poem, ekphrastic] 16
Margaret Dornaus In-between [haibun] 8
Margaret Dornaus Late-Night Inventory [haibun] 2
Margaret Dornaus Le Rêve [haibun, ekphrastic] 9
Margaret Dornaus Mayday [tanku sonnet] 12
Margaret Dornaus O, To Be a Curmudgeon [poem] 16
Margaret Dornaus Rewriting History: After Learning of Her Death [prose poem] 8
Margaret Dornaus Shitstorm [tanka prose] 4
Margaret Dornaus The River [haibun] 15
Margaret Dornaus The Writer’s Cabin [cheribun] 11
Margaret Dornaus When a Tree Falls [haibun, ekphrastic] 15
Margaret Dornaus Yesterday/Today [haibun] 4
Kika Dorsey And There Is Joy [poem] 6
Kika Dorsey Another Pandemic Year [poem] 12
Kika Dorsey Caring for the Bees [prose poem] 1
Kika Dorsey Christmas Letter, 2021 [prose poem] 18
Kika Dorsey Colorado in Spring [prose poem] 7
Kika Dorsey during this lockdown [poem] 4
Kika Dorsey Hormonal [microfiction] 1
Kika Dorsey I’m Always Turning Around [prose poem] 2
Kika Dorsey Listen and Silent [poem] 10
Kika Dorsey My Willow [poem] 12
Kika Dorsey Prayers [poem] 1
Kika Dorsey Run Dry [poem] 5
Kika Dorsey Swallowtails [poem] 8
Kika Dorsey The Crack We Can’t Step On [poem] 10
Kika Dorsey The Quink of an Eye [prose poem] 5
Kika Dorsey Their Wings on Fire [prose poem] 17
Kika Dorsey This Empty Space [poem] 8
Otis Dozier Grasshopper and Farmer (1937) [painting] 13
Rebecca Drouilhet The Nick of Time [haibun, braided] 15
Margaret Duda My Father’s Tears [poem] 20
Frank Dullaghan Her Blue Period [poem] 5
Lucas Dumrauf &
Gary S. Rosin
[Empty chair, bare tree] [haiga: poem + photograph] 4
Melanie Dunbar My Son, the Meteorite in Him [poem] 11
Joanne Durham The Only Familiar Thing [poem, ekphrastic] 17
Joanne Durham Worker Painting the Spire of the Eiffel Tower [poem, ekphrastic] 17
Pauli Dutton Painting the Tides [poem] 18
Pauli Dutton Passion in the Descanso Gardens [poem] 14


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