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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Anne Vallayer-Coster White Soup Bowl [painting] 1
Vincent van Gogh Chestnut Trees in Blossom [painting] 9
Vincent van Gogh Fishing Boats on the Beach at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (1888) [painting] 14
Vincent van Gogh [Hidden Self-Portrait] (circa 1887) [painting] 14
Vincent van Gogh Irises [painting] 13
Vincent van Gogh Orchard in Bloom (Apricot Trees) [painting] 17
Vincent van Gogh Still Life with Mackerels, Lemons, and Tomatoes (1886) [painting] 18
Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers (1888) [painting] 14
Vincent van Gogh The Harvest (1888) [painting] 14
Vincent van Gogh The Potato Eaters [painting] 22
Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night [painting] 1
Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night [painting] 13
Vincent van Gogh The Yellow House (1888) [painting] 18
Vincent van Gogh Vincent’s Bedroom in Arles (Saint-Rémy; September, 1889) [painting] 13
Vincent van Gogh Wheatfield with a Reaper [painting] 15
Vincent van Gogh Wheat Field with Crows (1890) [painting] 18
Vincent van Gogh Winter (The Vicarage Garden Under Snow) (1885) [painting] 18
Karen VandenBos Ghost of the White Horse Dream [prose poem, ekphrastic] 19
Karen VandenBos Under the Crescent Moon [prose poem, ekphrastic] 19
Karen VandenBos Waiting [micro-poem, ekphrastic] 19
Evan Vandermeer At the Northside Pond [poem] 12
Evan Vandermeer Sleepwalking [poem] 12
Charles Verlat The Unfortunate Cat [painting] 15
Christine L. Villa Instant Chemistry [painting] + “just when I thought” [micro-poem: cherita] 5
Christine L. Villa Morning Muse [painting] + “to find” [micro-poem: cherita] 5
Christine L. Villa & Hemapriya Chellappan On the Brink [micro-poem: split sequence] 9
Christine L. Villa & Tom Clausen Ancient Call [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Christine L. Villa & Peter Jastermsky Inheritance [micro-poem: split sequence] 9


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Andrew Waddington Raven [woodblock print] 9
Elinor Ann Walker Fugitive But Gorgeous [prose poem] 19
Elinor Ann Walker Polymorphous Pigeon in the Art Museum [prose poem] 19
Nicole Walker Microbiotics [micro-essay] 10
Nicole Walker Microtopography [micro-essay] 8
Alice Wanderer Fossil Beach [haibun] 10
Alice Wanderer Puffing Billy [haibun] 20
Alice Wanderer Ripples in a Mirror [haibun] 11
Alice Wanderer Sacred Space [haibun] 10
Marilyn Ward Two senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
Bill Waters Swimming to Byzantium: A Parody [poem, ekphrastic] 8
Stuart Watson A Light From Within [flash fiction] 12
Stuart Watson Anything for You [microfiction] 11
Stuart Watson Bad Intersection [flash fiction] 12
Stuart Watson Magicians [haibun] 19
Stuart Watson Pope Wins Easter Egg Hunt [flash fiction] 20
Stuart Watson The Big One [flash fiction] 17
Lew Watts Anathema [haibun] 11
Lew Watts Cruising Downtown Santa Fe [haibun] 6
Lew Watts Entrainment [haibun] 21
Lew Watts Flat Pack [haibun, anomalous; humor] 21
Lew Watts Ghost Ranch [haibun] 5
Lew Watts Holeh Holeh Holeh [haibun story] 1
Lew Watts Loaves and Fishes [haibun] 18
Lew Watts Snug [haibun] 22
Lew Watts Temples of Gods [haibun story] 5
Lew Watts The Magic Boomerang [haibun, anomalous] 1
Lew Watts They say I have my mother’s eyes [haibun] 7
Lew Watts Time to Heal [haibun] 18
Karen Forstad Weiderman Five Quilts: Around the Block; Blue Waters—Maine to Maui; Kayaking on Knickerbocker Lake; Maine—The Way Life Should Be; and Multiplying Hexagons [textile arts] 8
Ruth Weinstein The Poet in the Trees [poem] 17
Hilda Weiss What My Poem Wants Me to Do [poem] 18
Julie Weiss Once Upon a Lie [poem] 14
Julie Weiss Story I Don’t Tell My Son on Our Way Home From the Emergency Room [poem] 14
Julie Weiss The Day I Don’t Tell My Children About the Capitol Attack [poem] 7
Julie Weiss The Elephant in the Room [poem] 7
Anne Marie Wells Clam Chowder [prose poem] 11
Marianne von Werefkin Women in Black [painting] 8
Stan Lee Werlin Pitcher [flash fiction] 10
Harriot West Amber Rising [tanka prose] 18
Harriot West L’Ennui [haibun] 12
Harriot West Golconda Denied [haibun, ekphrastic] 18
Harriot West Posing for Degas [haibun story, ekphrastic] 15
Harriot West Things I’ll Never Tell You [haibun] 8
Harriot West Tick-tock [haibun] 18
Richard Westheimer The Poetic Impulse of the Dead Not Forgotten [poem] 20
John Wheway A Folio of Vermeer’s Paintings [poem] 20
Kelley White Four Micro-Poems [senryu and kyoka] 19
Julie Whitehead The Zen Masters [flash fiction] 2
Annette Januzzi Wick Egg White on My Face [CNF: memoir] 21
Antoine Wiertz Nude Behind the Curtain [painting] 18
Scott Wiggerman Getting Up [poem] 18
Scott Wiggerman Housecleaning Drill Sergeant from Hell [poem] 18
Scott Wiggerman The Story of Fire [haibun] 16
Aruni Wijesinghe Feed [prose poem] 14
Aruni Wijesinghe Kidney-shaped Pool [poem] 14
Aruni Wijesinghe Mise en place [prose poem] 22
Aruni Wijesinghe Ouroboros [poem] 14
Aruni Wijesinghe Playback [CNF, memoir] 22
Tony Steven Williams Post inferno [haibun] 1
Tony Steven Williams So glad to be here [tanka prose] 20
Kath Abela Wilson greeny flower [cheribun] 11
David Wimble Sea Cliff Bridge [photograph] 8
Paul-Victor Winters Steamer Duck in the Garden of Eden [prose poem] 3
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled (2019) [prose poem] 1
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled (Lucidity) [prose poem] 1
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled (Significance) [prose poem] 1
Francine Witte Not again [microfiction] 6
Francine Witte Perfect [microfiction] 10
Francine Witte Trophy [microfiction] 6
Francine Witte Wolf [microfiction] 2
LL Wohlwend Priceless [haibun, ekphrastic] 21
Lily Lavender Wolf change [prose poem] 3
Lily Lavender Wolf gemstone love [poem] 3
Olivia Wolford Caelifera [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Rebekah Wolman Our Years With the Latvians [nonfiction] 11
Ann Leshy Wood Cloud Confetti [photograph] 11
Lorna Wood Lion’s Tooth [poem] 6
Keith Woodruff Junk Drawer [prose poem] 3
Keith Woodruff Letter to Wordsworth [prose poem] 3
Keith Woodruff The Shore: On Reading Saigyo’s Poems of a Mountain Home [prose poem] 3
Alison Woolpert Title VII [haibun] 8


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Brian Yapko The Man Who Floated [poem] 11
Cynthia Yatchman Four Paintings, Mixed-Media: Entropy 3, Lambda, Landscape 5, and [Untitled Shorescape] 6
Jeanne Yeasting Dear Berthe [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
Jeanne Yeasting Discriminating Distinction [prose poem] 2
Jeanne Yeasting From Today I Banish (Paris, 1860s) [poem, ekphrastic] 2
Rich Youmans Living Color [haibun story] 6
Rich Youmans Plaiting Poem & Prose: The Art of Braided Haibun [critical essay] 16
Rich Youmans Redline [haibun story] 6
Rich Youmans Through the Looking Glass [haibun story] 9
Rich Youmans What’s Underneath [haibun story, anomalous] 19
Jonathan Yungkans A Surreal Intimacy, Like Jazz Music [poem] 19
Jonathan Yungkans All Mattresses Point North [prose poem] 21
Jonathan Yungkans Anacapa Island [poem] 6
Jonathan Yungkans And He Can See Quite Clearly into the Needle [poem, ekphrastic] 12
Jonathan Yungkans Answering Neruda [A Quintet of Prose Poems: 4, 14, 15, 16, and 17] 15
Jonathan Yungkans Answering Neruda [A Quintet of Prose Poems: 3, 7, 11, 21, 23] 16
Jonathan Yungkans Answering Neruda [A Quartet of Prose Poems: 5, 25, 28, 32] 17
Jonathan Yungkans As the Ocean Makes Grasses, and in the Process Refurbishes a Lighthouse [poem: duplex] 14
Jonathan Yungkans As Though a Door Were Enough to Stop the Average Person [prose poem] 22
Jonathan Yungkans Being Alone in the Middle of a Moan That Did Not Issue From Me [poem] 19
Jonathan Yungkans But Anyone Engaged in the Business of Swapping Purity for Depth Will Understand What I Mean [prose poem] 20
Jonathan Yungkans Cadralor for Rachael [poem: cadralor] 8
Jonathan Yungkans Copacetic [prose poem] 22
Jonathan Yungkans Duplex Beginning With a Line by Leila Chatti [poem] 13
Jonathan Yungkans Duplex Beginning With a Line by Xi Chuan [poem] 13
Jonathan Yungkans Duplex Beginning With a Line by Cynthia Hogue [poem] 13
Jonathan Yungkans Duplex Beginning With a Line by Robert Kelly [poem] 13
Jonathan Yungkans Duplex Beginning With a Line by Paul Ilechko [poem] 12
Jonathan Yungkans Duplex Beginning With a Line by Betsy Mars [poem] 12
Jonathan Yungkans Followed by Periods of Silence [poem] 18
Jonathan Yungkans Four Cherita: “I stopped remembering...”; “Wind spins...”; “Crows perched...”; and “steel rails hum” [micro-poems + Poet’s Commentary] 9
Jonathan Yungkans He Is a Monster Like Everyone Else But What Do You Do If You’re a Monster [prose poem] 20X
Jonathan Yungkans Hence It Ends Up With a Scenario of Them All Getting Paid [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Jonathan Yungkans It Belongs to Each of Us Like a Blanket [poem, ekphrastic] 15
Jonathan Yungkans It Must Mean I’m Not Here Yet [poem] 18
Jonathan Yungkans La Porte [poem, ekphrastic] 10X
Jonathan Yungkans La Victoire [poem, ekphrastic] 11
Jonathan Yungkans Landmark’s Nuart Theater [photograph] 8
Jonathan Yungkans Le fils de l’homme [poem, ekphrastic] 11
Jonathan Yungkans Le Grand Matin [poem, ekphrastic] 11
Jonathan Yungkans Like the Cubist Diary of a Brook [poem] 17
Jonathan Yungkans “Look at How It Goes Together”: Personal Mechanics of Adapting Duplex Form to Content [craft essay] 13
Jonathan Yungkans Make a Purple Prayer Out of Origami and Stuff It [prose poem] 20
Jonathan Yungkans Morro Bay [poem: cadralor] 6
Jonathan Yungkans Only a Poodle Separates This Life From the Next [prose poem] 20
Jonathan Yungkans Origami Dogs Now Available [poem: WaltMarie] 18
Jonathan Yungkans Others Have Come and Gone and Wrought No Damage [poem, ekphrastic] 14
Jonathan Yungkans POV [prose poem] 22
Jonathan Yungkans Rincon Point, Six A.M. [poem] 7
Jonathan Yungkans That Stalled Moment [poem] 19
Jonathan Yungkans That We Have Come to Construe as a Landscape [poem: duplex] 14
Jonathan Yungkans The Thin, Terrifying Edges Between Things [poem] 7
Jonathan Yungkans The Whole Other Issue of Belonging [prose poem] 21
Jonathan Yungkans There Had Never Been a Problem With the Water Before [poem: cento/cadralor hybrid] 19
Jonathan Yungkans There Is No Indication This Will Happen [poem] 18
Jonathan Yungkans Three Book-Spine Poems: “oblivion banjo”; “Eventually One Dreams the Real Thing”; and “Visible Signs” [+ photos] 9
Jonathan Yungkans Three B&W Photographs: At the Edge of Myself #2; Clouds and Downtown Los Angeles Skyline; and Morning Raven [visual art] 9
Jonathan Yungkans Two Cherita: “leaving the doctor” and “the best part of waking up” [micro-poems] 8
Jonathan Yungkans Two Duplex Poems: “Like Some Pocket History of the World, So General” and “The Old Man Looks Strangely at the Sea” [poems: duplex] 10
Jonathan Yungkans Variation on the 91st Psalm [poem] 10
Jonathan Yungkans Where Everything Gets Unraveled Just Right [poem: duplex] 10
Jonathan Yungkans Women in Black [poem, ekphrastic] 8
Jonathan Yungkans Woodcuts [poem, ekphrastic] 9
Jonathan Yungkans Yet Not So Dirty, Surely Not in the Spiritual Sense [prose poem] 20


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Aggie Zed Ceramic Sculptures [sculpture] 3
Aggie Zed Magician (2001) [sculpture] 3
Aggie Zed “What did those Magamen want?” [digital art] 3
William Zote Three Haiga: autumn wind [haiku + watercolor]; oldies FM [haiku + hand-sketch with real flower petals]; and terrace garden [haiku + photograph with pencil and chalk art] 8


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