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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Michael J. Galko Harvey POVs [poem] 5
Michael J. Galko The mustard incident [prose poem] 5
Frances Gapper Torn Ribbon Moon [microfiction] 10
Peter Geier A Man, a Car, a Woman [flash fiction] 17
Karen George Edvard Munch’s The Girl by the Window, 1893 [poem, ekphrastic] 20
Karen George Emily Carr: Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky (1932-35) [poem, ekphrastic] 6
Karen George Emily Carr’s The Great Eagle, Skidegate, B. C., 1929 [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Karen George Is She the Blue Bird of Paradise? [poem, ekphrastic] 20
Karen George Kandinsky, Movement, 1935 [poem, ekphrastic] 12
Karen George Solstice Blue Hour [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Karen George The moss-breasted Queen Luna [poem, ekphrastic] 12
Stephen D. Gibson Creation [microfiction, ekphrastic] 5
Stephen D. Gibson Da Ponte [microfiction] 5
Stephen D. Gibson The Tree of Knowledge of Life [microfiction, ekphrastic] 15
D. Walsh Gilbert Geese [cheribun] 13
Gabby Gilliam Dinner Suggestion [poem] 11
Gary Glauber Always Something [flash fiction] 16
Gary Glauber Ancestry and You [poem] 7
Gary Glauber Another Bad Year for Florida Man [poem] 1
Gary Glauber Selective Service [microfiction] 3
Gary Glauber Storming the Beaches in Organdy [poem] 5
Gary Glauber The Din of Iniquity [poem] 16
Steve Goldman Letter to the Editor re Electric Cars [nonfiction] 1
Sam Gordon I Am This Abled [folk art: quilt] 20
Peter Graham Wandering Shadows [painting] 17
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Comeback (subject: potatoes) [poem] 14
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Comeback (subject: chemo) [poem] 20
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Evergreens [poem] 10
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Kafka at the Long Table [microfiction] 13
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Miss Irene [poem] 20
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Nothing Special [poem] 20
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Pony Girl [prose poem] 20
Karen Greenbaum-Maya Subjunctively Speaking [prose poem] 13
Phil Greenwood Blossom [etching] 3
Eamon Grennan An Object of Wonder: Always Say Goodnight by Matt Bialer [review] 2
Mary Grimm Don’t Look [microfiction] 17
Mary Grimm In the Bathroom [microfiction] 1
Mary Grimm Inside/Outside [prose poem] 4
Gary Grossman Barred Owls [poem] 20
Gary Grossman Cherry Bombs [poem] 12
Gary Grossman Daylilies [poem] 14
Gary Grossman For the Girl at the Athens Comic Fair With the Crematorium Advertising Tote [prose poem] 20
Gary Grossman Heart Cracked Not Broken [prose poem] 16
Gary Grossman Joys of Gardening [prose poem] 15
Gary Grossman Mindfulness [microfiction] 14
Gary Grossman Picking Figs [prose poem] 15
Gary Grossman Seven Sisters [poem] 16
Gary Grossman Tante Sophie’s Schnapps Glasses [poem] 20
Gary Grossman Targeted Advertising [prose poem] 20
Gary Grossman The Gravity of Impulse [poem] 18
Gary Grossman Two Linked Poems (“First Cicada” and “Oh You Rascal Billy Collins”) [poem + prose poem] 15
Gary Grossman Wakefulness [prose poem] 18
Carol Anne Grotrian Four Art Quilts (Lilies of the Lake, Spring; Rockery Grasses, Ipswich River; Bouquet (Lilacs); and Pyrotechnics, The Fourth) [textile arts + shibori tie-dyeing] 15
Carol Anne Grotrian Night Wind [art quilt], with micro-poem by Gary S. Rosin 15
Kari Gunter-Seymour Bad Company [poem] 14
Kari Gunter-Seymour That Plus Fifty Cents [haibun story] 14
Helene Guojah [A Quintet of Senryu] [micro-poems] 18
Helene Guojah and Keith Evetts Marriage Lines [poem: rengay] 18


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Jocy H. Mt. Yasur volcano, Tanna, Vanuatu [photograph] 19
Hedy Habra On Chinese Ink Brush Painting [micro-poem sequence] 17
Hedy Habra Open-Air Roller Skating in Heliopolis [prose poem] 10
Hedy Habra Or Call Me a Hoarder If You Will But Try to Understand [poem: pantoum, ekphrastic] 10
Tresha Faye Haefner Flock of Seasons [poem] 9
Tresha Faye Haefner The Earth and Everything in It [poem] 9
Geri Hahn Three Fiber Artworks: Girls From Mars; The Colors of a 12-String Guitar; Girls Just Want to Have Fun, with a Nod to Cindy Lauper... [hand-sewn fiber artworks] 20
Shirley Hakim No Excuse [poem] 4
Hazel Hall A Question of Faith [prosimetrum, with tanka, senryu, and cherita variation] 15
Hazel Hall Bethungra Spiral [poem: sonku] 15
Hazel Hall Breaking New Ground [poem: sonku] 15
Hazel Hall Culture Shock [cheribun] 12
Hazel Hall Let the Bass Walk With You [poem, ekphrastic: sonku] 15
Hazel Hall Returned Soldier 1947 [haibun, anomalous] 17
Hazel Hall The Kongouro from New Holland [poem, ekphrastic] 17
Erin Hanson Crystal Path [painting] 18
Erin Hanson Saguaro Sky [painting] 18
Laura Harcourt Aquarellum Atramento [flash fiction] 5
Cindy Bousquet Harris All My Own Stunts [poem: cherita sequence] 12
Cindy Bousquet Harris Dragon’s eye [poem: cherita sequence] 12
Cindy Bousquet Harris Gunnysack [poem: cherita sequence] 3
Cindy Bousquet Harris Kingdom of Barberries [chaiga: visual art + cherita sequence] 12
Mary Hatch Asleep, She Dreams [painting] 18
Mary Hatch The Last Bouquet [painting] 20
Hayley Mitchell Haugen Liminal [poem] 19
Hayley Mitchell Haugen Misery [poem] 19
Susan Hayden John Muir Warned You This Could Happen [poem] 11
Susan Hayden The Last Barstool Date of the Loneliness Prevention Society [poem] 13
Ivey Hayes Break Time [painting] 18
Ivey Hayes Mama’s Quilt [painting] 18
William Heath Banksy’s Prank [poem] 11
William Heath G.I. Joe in Naples, 1944 [poem] 8
William Heath Louis’ Basque Corner [poem] 8
William Heath Augustine’s Erections [poem] 11
Rose Menyon Heflin Survival [haiga] 10
Hallgrimur P. Helgason Gló-kolla (Glow-ball) [photograph] 9
Kyle Hemmings Freakbeat [microfiction] 3
Kyle Hemmings Leaky [haibun story] 3
Kyle Hemmings The Queen of Soft Distant Animals [haibun] 15
Kyle Hemmings Triad [haibun] 15
Kyle Hemmings War Lords [haibun] 15
Lana Hendershott Jimmie Spheeris on the Turntable [microfiction] 3
Lana Hendershott Kids Deserve Decent Names [CNF] 3
Dianna Henning Ultrasound [poem] 18
Dianna Mackinnon Henning After Li Po’s “The River Merchant’s Wife” [poem] 12
Dianna Mackinnon Henning Fold your tears into peace signs. [poem] 14
Dianna Mackinnon Henning In the Aftermath of Afterwards [poem] 10
Dianna Mackinnon Henning Lovely that Black Crow, Grandmother Brought into the Camp [poem] 12
Dianna Mackinnon Henning My Heart’s Not a Casual Affair, [poem] 14
Dianna Mackinnon Henning The Star Drum [poem] 10X
Paul Hetherington & Cassandra Atherton Cabaret (1972 film) [sequence of five prose poems, ekphrastic; and poets’ commentary] 13
Cindy Ellen Hill Gambling [poem] 19
Cindy Ellen Hill Which Side Are You On [poem] 19
Dennis Hinrichsen [schema geometrica] [DYSPHAGIA] [poem] 2
Utagawa Hiroshige Sudden Shower over Shin-Ohashi Bridge and Atake [woodblock print] 20
Cameron Hockenson Control Tower [sculpture, environmental] 8
Ada Hoffman Two Tiny Stories [microfiction] 10X
Malvina Cornell Hoffman Mask of Anna Pavlova [sculpture] 18
Ken Hogarty Your Name Linked to a Horrific Disease? [flash fiction] 17
Sakai Hōitsu Cherry and Maple Trees, Screen #2 [painting: ink and color on paper screen] 14
Sakai Hōitsu Persimmon Tree [painting: ink and color on paper screen] 14
Richard Holinger The Bus Driver [flash fiction] 19
Tanya Ko Hong Soft as Rock [poem] 2
Tanya Ko Hong Comfort Woman [poem sequence] 17
Tanya Ko Hong Suk Su Dong [poem] 2
Edward Hopper Chop Suey (1929) [painting] 14
Nathan D. Horowitz Blackbird [poem] 11
Lori Howe A New Theory of Planetary Formation [poem: cadralor] 18
Lori Howe An Incomplete List of All Exotic States of Matter [poem: cadralor] 17
Lori Howe Help Yourself [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Lori Howe Magnetoreception [poem: cadralor] 13
Lori Howe Nacre [poem: cadralor] 20
Lori Howe nautical twilight [poem, ekphrastic] 18
Lori Howe On the Equations of Unseen Corners [poem: cadralor] 18
Lori Howe Opals and Other Edible Jewels [poem: cadralor] 17
Lori Howe Refraction [poem: cadralor] 6
Lori Howe Resonance Frequencies [poem: cadralor] 20
Lori Howe Ripening [poem: cadralor] 6
Billy Howell-Sinnard Three Cherita (“as the story goes”; “morning sun”; and “tall pine”) [micro-poems] 7
Neil Hulme & Gary S. Rosin Waiting for the Future [visual art: photo-poem] 3
Jonathan Humphrey A Tennessee Stock Pond, Transfigured [haibun story] 2
Jonathan Humphrey A Thread the Color of Night [haiku sequence] 7
Jonathan Humphrey As for You, Lightning [haibun story] 20
Jonathan Humphrey Blue, the Moving Valley of His Wake [haibun story] 20
Jonathan Humphrey Green Gloves (On Becoming a Roadside Frog) [haibun story] 2
Jonathan Humphrey NASA Gives Spiders, Insects LSD [haibun story] 7
Jonathan Humphrey Recurring Arches (Duo for Vibraphone and Bare Feet) [haibun story] 3
Jonathan Humphrey Song of Sweat (A Substation in Whitley County, Kentucky) [haibun story] 4
Jonathan Humphrey The Same River [haibun story] 4
Jonathan Humphrey Tom and Anne [haibun story] 20
Jonathan Humphrey Wild Persimmons [haibun] 7
Richard Hunter & Gary S. Rosin Somewhere between [haiga: photograph + poem] 1
Greg Huteson To Dream of Hospitality [poem] 11


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