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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Jane Edberg Plea Dream [mixed-media painting] 18
Jane Edberg Three Drawings [within Kendall Johnson’s interview of Edberg and John Brantingham] 19
Lynn Edge Year of the Farrier [haibun story] 20
Eva Eliav A Coffee Date [microfiction] 18
Eva Eliav Bird [microfiction] 14
Eva Eliav Carrying a Baby [microfiction] 14
Eva Eliav Labyrinth [microfiction] 14
Eva Eliav “[swaying]” [micro-poem] 14
Eva Eliav Turtle [microfiction] 14
Andrea Eldridge Shattered Ceilings [haibun, braided] 16
Andrea Eldridge Slush [haibun, anomalous] 17
MaRco Elliott In the Garden City of Earthly Delights [painting] 4
MaRco Elliott Pochade à Neptune (Sketch of Neptune)
MaRco Elliott Two Paintings: In memory of the fallen heroes of the Great Freeway Wars (against the planet); and Rideshare, carpool, it’s cool 1
MaRco Elliott From Dark Days 2020 [paintings]: American Carnage; By the Rockets’ Red Glare; and Charge of the Demon Sperm 5
Becky Erdman Three Art Quilts: The Guitar Man, Hope, and Why oh Why Can’t I? [textile arts] 11
Michael Estabrook Minotaur [poem] 3
Eli S. Evans Two Friends [prose poem] 13
Grace Evans & Gary S. Rosin Star Trails [haiga: photograph + poem] 2
Claire Everett A Song for Tara [tanka prose] 4
Claire Everett A Thousand Thens [haibun] 19
Claire Everett Boxed In [tanka tale] 5
Claire Everett In Brief: 10 April 2021 [tanka prose] 8
Claire Everett Milestones [haibun] 7
Claire Everett Never Was It More So [tanka tale] 3
Claire Everett Seeking You [tanka prose] 9
Claire Everett #SkylarkLivesMatter [tanka prose] 4
Claire Everett Subtle Ghosts [tanka tale] 2
Claire Everett The Drone [haibun] 5
Claire Everett The Refuge [haibun] 1
Keith Evetts [A Charm of Avian Verse] [poems and micro-poems] 18
Keith Evetts [A Quintet of Micro-Poems] [senryu] 18
Keith Evetts Echinoderms [poem] 20
Keith Evetts From the Love Collection: “Meretrix” and “The Marmite Wars” [poems, lineated] 18
Keith Evetts [From the Thyme: A Quintet of Tiny Poems] [micro-poems] 18
Keith Evetts Graham Greene’s Footsteps [haibun] 20
Keith Evetts I’m All Right Jack [haibun] 20
Keith Evetts Jacob’s Ladder [cheribun, ekphrastic] 13
Keith Evetts Klecksography [haibun] 20
Keith Evetts The Bell-Shaped Curve [haibun] 19
Keith Evetts The Catch [tanka prose] 19
Keith Evetts The Haiku Spirit [haibun] 20
Keith Evetts Three Micro-Poems (first lines: “I love you Emily; To be inspired by skylarks; and Adlestrop”) [micro-poems] 19
Keith Evetts Three Untitled Epigrams (first lines: “moles are muscular; How do I love thee—; three hours of sleep”) [micro-poems] 20
Keith Evetts Untitled (first line: “I am the King’s Apostropher”)[micro-poem] 20
Keith Evetts Untitled (first line: It’s hard to rhyme lover with hoover) [poem] 19
Keith Evetts Untitled (first line: “Wondering whether”) [poem] 19
Keith Evetts Yesterday’s Fire [micro-poem sequence] 18
Keith Evetts and Helene Guojah Marriage Lines [poem: rengay] 18
Keith Evetts and Ann Smith Tooth and Claw [poem: rengay] 18


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Alexis Rhone Fancher: See Rhone Fancher under “R” section.
Matthew Feinstein Before Bliss [poem] 3
Matthew Feinstein To My Younger Self [poem] 3
deb y felio Breaking Through [cheribun] 11
deb y felio [Untitled Cherita Sequence] [micro-poem, ekphrastic] 7
Leilani Ferry Pear [painting] 17
Scott Ferry 51, 52, 54, 53 [poem] 13
Scott Ferry a pear and a flashlight [poem, ekphrastic] 17
Scott Ferry angioplasty [poem] 5
Scott Ferry Bolsa Chica Gun Club [poem] 8
Scott Ferry Bubbles the fish no longer swims [poem] 5
Scott Ferry decision [poem] 10
Scott Ferry eel [poem: cadralor] 6
Scott Ferry endorphin [poem] 8
Scott Ferry Four Poems: “4/7” and “5/12” and “5/13” and “5/15” (plus, four photographs) 14
Scott Ferry hope [poem] 18
Scott Ferry i have a video appointment [poem] 18
Scott Ferry i have been sober for 19 months [poem] 18
Scott Ferry i realize that for the 20 years [poem] 17
Scott Ferry i show my son the moon early yesterday morning [poem] 10
Scott Ferry ichor / eschar [poem: cadralor] 6
Scott Ferry ontological questions on the changing table [poem] 12
Scott Ferry otosclerosis and mandibular tori [poem] 11
Scott Ferry Snow Peas [poem] 6
Scott Ferry split dippers [poem] 12
Scott Ferry strawberry yogurt and watermelon for breakfast [poem] 9
Scott Ferry the air conditioner [poem] 9
Scott Ferry The Japanese Andromeda [poem] 3
Scott Ferry The way my father ate chicken [poem] 1
Scott Ferry they say [poem] 8
Scott Ferry Two days before our neighbor died [poem] 2
Scott Ferry when i cradle him god cradles me [poem] 11
Scott Ferry when looking through a window at a landscape [poem] 17
Thomas Festa Skyscrapers [haibun] 19
Peter Fiore A Note on Brevity [craft essay re American Gogyōhka] 1
Peter Fiore Don’t Stop the Dance [microfiction] 1
Peter Fiore Gumba [microfiction] 1
Peter Fiore She Asks About His Hat [prose tanka, American Gogyōhka] 1
Ann Fisher Illusions [microfiction] 3
Kate Flannery Reaping the Whirlwind: An Interview With Kendall Johnson and John Brantingham [nonfiction: interview] 14
Kate Flannery The One Necessity [nonfiction: book review], re Dear Vincent: A Psychologist Turned Artist Writes Back to Van Gogh by Kendall Johnson 14
Laura Foley Into the Silky Water [poem] 16
Laura Foley The Mosquitoes of Tatamagouche [poem] 16
Lucia Fontana Cradle of the CoViD [haibun] 4
Linda Nemec Foster Adrift [prose poem] 10
Linda Nemec Foster California Dream [poem] 10
Linda Nemec Foster Dijon Mustard in a Toothpaste Tube, Switzerland [prose poem] 8
Linda Nemec Foster Foreign Subplots [prose poem sequence] 15
Linda Nemec Foster Hel as a Destination [microfiction] 15
Linda Nemec Foster Indigo Sky Above Spain [prose poem] 2
Linda Nemec Foster Lipstick in Geneva [prose poem] 6
Linda Nemec Foster Memory as Red Hibiscus in Santorini [prose poem] 1
Linda Nemec Foster My Husband Disguised as a Stranger in a Kraków Bar [microfiction] 15
Linda Nemec Foster On St. James’ Feast Day, the Shells of Abakanowicz [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
Linda Nemec Foster Pablo Picasso in Lucerne [prose poem] 1
Linda Nemec Foster Planting Geraniums on Geranium Street [prose poem] 4
Linda Nemec Foster The Cloud Sleeps on the Mountain [prose poem] 15
Linda Nemec Foster The Infant of Prague in Prague [prose poem] 6
Linda Nemec Foster The Irish Guest at the Wedding in Krakow [prose poem] 8
Linda Nemec Foster The Muslim Wife at the Best Western, Zurich [prose poem] 10
Linda Nemec Foster The Night’s Blue Bowl [prose poem] 1
Linda Nemec Foster The Priest’s Garage [prose poem] 8
Linda Nemec Foster Tower of Babel [prose poem] 4
Linda Nemec Foster [Turin Shroud Triptych] [poem, ekphrastic] 15
Zak Foster Two Quilts (Crazy Quilt and Jeans, I Love You) [textile arts] 16
Valerie Fox Playing With Dolls [prose poem] 2
Valerie Fox Re-Gift List (Not) [microfiction] 2
George Franklin Alcestis [poem] 12
George Franklin Elsie and Alfred [poem] 19
George Franklin Funeral Rites [poem] 14
George Franklin Hospitality (“A Few Blocks Away”; “A Little Known Face”; and “Toothache”)[prose poem sequence] 19
George Franklin Ode to Stalin [poem] 16
George Franklin Orphic Mysteries [poem] 14
Roseanne Freed A Fearful Thing [poem] 15
Roseanne Freed Black American Express Card [poem] 18
Roseanne Freed If Grief Is Inside Us, Who Can Measure the Grief of Another? [poem] 19
Roseanne Freed In the Workshop After I Read My Poem Aloud [poem] 18
Roseanne Freed The tree which moves some to tears of joy, is in the eyes of others only a green thing [poem] 14
Roseanne Freed This Isn’t About You [poem] 15
Roseanne Freed You smell like pooh [poem] 18
Roseanne Freed Your name is a poem [poem] 15
Terri L. French Appearances [haibun] 2
Terri L. French Neither here nor there [haibun] 3
Terri L. French Two senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
Terri L. French Tzur Hei HaOlamim [haibun story] 5
Audrey Friedman Christmas Day, 2013 [poem: pantoum] 11
Audrey Friedman Re-creation [poem] 18
Jeff Friedman Father and Son [prose poem] 9
Jeff Friedman Ram in the Thicket [prose poem] 9
Jeff Friedman & Meg Pokrass Three Micro Stories: “The Grana Padano House of Wedgewood”; “The Not So Invisible Ex”; and “Mistaking One Cheese for Another” [microfiction] 9
Susan Hatters Friedman Gretel and Hansel, Retold in What-ifs [microfiction] 8
Linda Fry Night and Day [painting] 10
Gloria Frym Could Have Been [microfiction] 17


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