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Issue 3: May 2020
Visual Arts: Digital [R]
By Aggie Zed

What did those Magamen want?


What did those MAGA men want, digital art by Aggie Zed
What did those Magamen want?

Mixed-media digital art (27 March 2020)

Copyright © 2020 by Aggie Zed. All rights reserved.
Reproduced here with artist’s permission from her Facebook page.



The artist: “What did those Magamen want?”

The dog: “They wonder if we have any delicious endangered species in here.”

The artist: “Tell them we ate all our pangolins.”



See also Aggie Zed’s Works on Paper gallery at her website, as well as her mixed-media paintings at Imprint Gallery.

Aggie Zed
Issue 3, May 2020

divides her working life between sculpture and drawing and painting. Her sculpture ranges from intimately-scaled ceramic figures of people and human-animal hybrids, to copper wire and ceramic horses, to ceramic and mixed-metals contrivances she calls “scrap floats” (the latter of which are intended as entries in a parade of the future). Her drawings and paintings, in dry pastel and various inks with water on paper, are informed by a lifelong celebration of the beauty and strangeness of dreams posed against the absurdity and poignancy of supposedly rational human activity.

Aggie lives with her husband in Virginia where she keeps animals in her life, especially chickens, which defy anthropomorphism.

Artist’s website: https://www.aggiezed.com/

See also Wikipedia.

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