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Issue 3: May 2020
Poem: 154 words [R]
By Lily Lavender Wolf

gemstone love

there are diamonds
in the novocaine mouths
of priests

there are emeralds in the eyes
of cast-iron saints

rubies embedded in the steady spines of elephants

a rabbi kisses a sapphire
on the third night of Chanukah

and for just a moment

the world is still in opalite bliss

God Themself planted geode beds
to produce the holiness that Man cannot

for all our ornate necklaces and bracelets, our LCD madness
there is seldom a screen
strong enough to contain

the Holy flood of gemstone love
gemstone love
gemstone everlasting love

when chocolate and flowers and orgasms aren’t enough
there will always be crystal hearts lying awake post-midnight

fall into God’s favorite geode bed
and grow to mountainous might

i ache to love
a gem the size of my heart—
not to wear it as a ring, no

but to allow it to make love to me
the way Man
never could

Lily Lavender Wolf
Issue 3, May 2020

hails from the Lower East Side of Manhattan (New York, USA) and posts her poetry to Instagram: @poet.faerie.magic

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