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Issue 12: March 2022
Poem: 65 words
By Gary Grossman

Cherry Bombs

Such small worlds, 
one inch, maybe two, 
red as a tiny Mars 
or yellow; a flaring sun. 

My taste buds explode, 
tartness painting a 
startled tongue, fleshy 
pulp, sour and sweet 

rides an umami wave 
plunging down my throat. 
I am eating summer, 
offspring of a green 

boned vine. Luscious orbs, 
popping, until my stomach 
gurgles no more—no 
more—no more tomatoes. 

Gary Grossman
Issue 12, March 2022

has been writing poetry for 30 years. His poems may be found, or are forthcoming, in 21 different reviews, most recently: Verse-Virtual, Poetry Life and Times, Black Poppy Review, Trouvaille Review, and Last Stanza Poetry Review. His writing credits include ten years as a columnist for American Angler Magazine. Hobbies include running, music, fishing, gardening, and cooking.

Bio and writing at, respectively:
www.garygrossman.net and

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