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Issue 15: Sept. 2022
Textile Arts: Quilting &
By Carol Anne Grotrian
[Featured Artist]

Four Art Quilts


This quartet represents a hybrid artform which combines American quilting, and Japanese shibori, an ancient type of tie-dyeing.

Lilies of the Lake, Spring: Art Quilt by Carol Anne Grotrian
Lilies of the Lake, Spring (46"x36")
Raw edge applique and quilting by hand;
shibori indigo over fiber-reactive color.
Private collection.

Copyrighted © 2020 by Carol Anne Grotrian. All rights reserved.

For Lilies... above, the artist notes diverse sources of inspiration—the Charles River near her home, Monet’s paintings at the L’Orangerie which she saw when visiting Paris, and photos of lakes in Stanley Park (Vancouver, BC) where she taught many years ago.



Rockery Grasses, Ipswich River: Art Quilt by Carol Anne Grotrian
Rockery Grasses, Ipswich River (34"x46")
Boro/raw edge applique/quilting by hand;
shibori, fiber-reactive color, some indigo.

Copyrighted © 2017 by Carol Anne Grotrian. All rights reserved.

Currently on loan to the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti (East Africa), the quilt above depicts a quiet pond at the Audubon Sanctuary on the Ipswich River in Massachusetts. Part of a water-lily series.



Bouquet: Art Quilt by Carol Anne Grotrian
Bouquet (27"x13")
A spring bouquet of lilacs. Private collection.

Copyrighted © 2017 by Carol Anne Grotrian. All rights reserved.



Pyrotechnics, The Fourth: Art Quilt by Carol Anne Grotrian
Pyrotechnics, The Fourth (144"x108")
Pieced by hand and machine, quilted by machine;
shibori, fiber-reactive color.

By commission for Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Boston, MA.
Copyrighted © 1994 by Carol Anne Grotrian. All rights reserved.


Images above were provided by the artist and appear here with her permission. Also in this issue of MacQ:

Night Wind, an art quilt by Carol Anne Grotrian,
with a poem by Gary S. Rosin
Carol Anne Grotrian
Issue 15, September 2022

has a background in fine art and art history, and she has been creating quilts since the mid-1980s. Her quilts have been exhibited nationally (USA) and internationally, have been featured in several publications, and are held in museum, corporate, and private collections.

For details, see artist’s website and quilt galleries:

More on the Web: By, About, and Beyond

Art & Life with Carol Anne Grotrian, an interview in Boston Voyager (10 January 2019)

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