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Bio Notes: Issue 4: July 2020

VIDA Stats, MacQ-4:

This issue contains works by a total of 48 contributors, 17 of whom (or 35%) are “new to MacQ”—that is, their works do not appear previously in MacQueen’s Quinterly nor in KYSO Flash. (Note: Bios are included for 46 of the contributors.)

Of the 48 total contributors, 27 are women (56%) and 21 are men (44%). Of the 17 “new” contributors, 11 are women (65%) and 6 are men (35%).

With MacQ, as it was with KYSO Flash, our publisher’s goal is to balance the ratio of women to men authors and artists whenever possible—which Clare actually managed only once: Issue 7 of KYSO Flash contains works by 32 contributors, exactly half of whom are women. However, in each of 12 issues, from Fall 2014 thru Summer 2019, KYSO Flash consistently published a minimum of 44% women authors and artists. Fifty-nine percent was the highest percentage of women published, which occurred in Issue 11, Spring 2019.

For details about each of those issues, see our Historical VIDA stats.

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

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