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Issue 4: July 2020
Haibun: 99 words [R]
By Mark Meyer

five-and-dime theology


Could be located in the sky, another dimension, a book, a blue note, the sunflower sutra. Or in sage smoke, a vévé, an algorithm, lotus blossom, Tao Te Ching, temple, tarot, torah. A mandala, a bottle, a tab, a white line, an orgasm; maybe on a palimpsest or in a grimoire. Is it on a star, under a fathomless sea, on a beetle’s back, in a sapphire, at the top of the minaret, a cathedral’s spire, a sand castle, an ordinary pebble, in a nameless nothingness.....

hide and go seek...
finding several clues
in a dog’s eyes


—Reproduced here with author’s permission from Senryu Circle (Facebook: 13 June 2020)

Mark Meyer
Issue 4, July 2020

is a poet, contemporary visual artist, and retired educator who lives in the Seattle area and describes himself this way: “ex-scientist/ quasi-artist/ semi-poet/ pseudo-guitarist/ meta-misanthrope.” Now in his seventh decade, he was a neurobiologist in a prior lifetime long ago—and still really misses looking through microscopes.

Mark is the author of neo-Nothyngge (June 2020), a collection of selected short-form poetry (haiku, senryu, haibun, haiga, tanka), contemporary art, photography, and asemic writing, available on Amazon.

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