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Published: 29 Jan. 2023
Stats compiled by Clare MacQueen

Bio Notes: Issue 17

VIDA Stats, MacQ-17:

Although links to 55 bios are included above, this issue contains works by a total of 64 contributors: 35 women (~55%) and 29 men (~45%).

Of the 64 contributors, 16 (or ~25%) are “new to MacQ”—that is, their works do not appear previously in MacQueen’s Quinterly nor in KYSO Flash (MacQ’s predecessor).

Of the 16 “new” contributors, 9 are women (~56%) and 7 are men (~44%).

With MacQ, as it was with KYSO Flash, my goal as publisher is to balance the ratio of women to men authors and artists whenever possible—which has happened only twice: Issue 14 of MacQ contains works by 70 contributors, exactly half of whom are women. And Issue 7 of KYSO Flash contains works by 32 contributors, 16 of whom are women.

Across 16 issues of MacQ, the number of women authors and artists published therein averages 52 percent, ranging from a low of 40% in Issue 1 (January 2020) to a high of 62.5% in Issue 12 (March 2022).

Across 12 issues of KYSO Flash (from Fall 2014 thru Summer 2019), the number of women published therein averages 52 percent, ranging from a low of 44% in Issue 3 (Spring 2015) to a high of 59% in Issue 11 (Spring 2019).

For details about those issues, see Historical VIDA stats.

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

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