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Issue 17: 29 Jan. 2023
Poem: 66 words
By Rebekah E. Bartlett

English Still Life, French Nature Morte

Still life: present paused, briefest 
catch in the smooth-running reel. 
We fill our gaze and then 
the apple rolls onward 
the fish completes its leap 
the wine is lifted, drunk. 

Nature morte: more true. Corpses 
poised above a bin 
the flowers on intravenous 
the hare stiff furred, staring 
and the apple already circling 
the drain of its own circumference. 

Rebekah E. Bartlett
Issue 17 (29 January 2023)

is a consulting editor, writer, photographer, and amateur astronomer. She lives near and works in Boston and has an MA degree from the University of Massachusetts. She has upcoming or published poetry in the South Florida Poetry Journal, Viewless Wings, and Please See Me.

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