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MacQueen’s Quinterly: Knock-your-socks-off Art and Literature
Issue 8: 12 June 2021
By Clare MacQueen

Editor’s Choice Award: Issue 8


The ECA was selected from a list of 16 finalists, which in turn were chosen from a total of 101 works that appear in MacQ-8. A world of thanks to everyone who sent me so many wonderful pieces to consider!


A tip of the hat (plus a small cash prize of $100 USD) to Douglas Cole for this fiction with flashes of Conradian menace:

Paradise Now


And my other finalist faves, listed in alpha order by last name of contributor:

A tie between Metaphorically Speaking [prose poem] and Untitled [5] [acrylic painting] by Claire Bateman

Clapping Like Mad [micro-fiction] by Roberta Beary

Swallowtails [poem, lineated] by Kika Dorsey

The Irish Guest at the Wedding in Krakow [prose poem] by Linda Nemec Foster

Squirm [flash fiction] by Robert Scotellaro

A Friend From School [flash fiction] by Garrett Stack

Three Entangled Abstracts by Ann Knickerbocker [prosimetra, ekphrastic] by Charles D. Tarlton, with visual artworks by Ann Knickerbocker

Title VII [haibun] by Alison Woolpert

Women in Black [poem, lineated, ekphrastic] by Jonathan Yungkans

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