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MacQueen’s Quinterly: Knock-your-socks-off Art and Literature
Issue 7: March 2021
By Clare MacQueen

Editor’s Choice Award: Issue 7


The ECA was selected from a list of ten finalists, which in turn were chosen from 99 of the works that appear in this issue (not counting those from our “Chains Challenge”).

A galaxy of gratitude (and a small cash prize of $100 USD) to
Robert I. Mann
for a tale that’s simple and down-to-earth, yet profound
as its junior protagonist grapples with infinite mysteries:

What is between everything [flash fiction]

My other finalist favorites are listed below in alpha order by last name of contributor:

Blue Flower Braided [ekphrastic CNF] by Roberta Beary

Headstream [haibun] by Glenn G. Coats

Wild Persimmons [haibun] by Jonathan Humphrey

Poets at Any Price [poem] by Ellaraine Lockie

Body and Soul [prose poem] by John Olson

Kinetic Pointillism [ekphrastic poem] by Gary S. Rosin, with photograph by James Crombie

Keep Looking Up [fabric art: quilt] by Jan S. Rosin

this mask [micro-poem, senryu] by Alexis Rotella

Site Planning and Dendron [collaboration: ekphrastic poem + visual art] by Christine Stewart-Nuñez and Pauline Aitken

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