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MacQueen’s Quinterly: Knock-your-socks-off Art and Literature
Issue 2: March 2020
Nonfiction: 175 words
By Clare MacQueen

Editor’s Choice Award: Issue 2


MacQ-2’s ECA was selected from a list of ten finalists, which in turn were chosen from 97 works that appeared in the issue. Thanks so much (and a small cash prize of $100 USD) to Kimmo Rosenthal for this unusual creative-nonfiction piece:

Olympia (Thoughts on a Courtesan in Eight Chapters) [ekphrastic CNF, after Manet’s painting]

And here are the other fine finalists, listed in alpha order by author’s last name:

To My Husband Unexpectedly Called Away [micro-CNF] by Roberta Beary

The Last Man on the Moon [prose poem] by Bill Capossere

The God Particle [prose poem] by Robert L. Dean, Jr.

Two days before our neighbor died [poem, lineated] by Scott Ferry

On St. James’ Feast Day, the Shells of Abakanowicz [prose poem, ekphrastic] by Linda Nemec Foster

Green Gloves (On Becoming a Roadside Frog) [haibun story] by Jonathan Humphrey

A Dog Is a Dog Is a Dog [flash fiction] by Arya F. Jenkins

In a Brown Study [haibun story] by Bob Lucky

Discriminating Distinction [prose poem] by Jeanne Yeasting

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