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News: 18 Sept. 2022

Nominations for Best of the Net 2023


With gratitude to these fine writers and artists for publishing with MacQ, we’re so pleased to announce our nominations for the 17th-anniversary edition of Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net anthology. Results will be announced with the release of the anthology early in 2023. Best of luck to each of these nominees!




  •  Conflagration [shahai: photograph + haiku] by Mark Meyer
  •  Untitled [“pack ice melts”] [collaborative shahai: photograph + haiku] by Mike Moats and Gary S. Rosin
  •  Kyiv Spring (Kiev Lente) [collaborative shahai: photograph + haiku] by Simone Opdam and Gary S. Rosin; both the English and Dutch versions of shahai were nominated.


Note: To qualify, poems, stories, and CNF must have been first published on the web between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022. The works above were first published in MacQ online between 2 August 2021 and 22 May 2022.

Further details about participant qualifications are available at:
Best of the Net Submissions.

Links to our nominations for previous issues:

2021-22 Best of the Net:

Publisher’s Note to Self (to avoid future confusion):

On 1 August 2021, Sundress Publications announced Nominations Are Now Open for 2021 Best of the Net Anthology. In addition to poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, they were also accepting art nominations for the first time. And all nominations “must have originally been published online between July 1st, 2020, and June 30th, 2021.”

But it looks as though Sundress Publications decided to skip the year 2021 and use the year of publication when naming the anthology they released in January: Sundress Publications Announces the Release of the 2022 Best of the Net Anthology in Sun Dress Blog (24 January 2022).

2020 Best of the Net:

One of our nominees, After Blossom by Robbi Nester, was selected as a Poetry Finalist.

Follow these links to see our nominations for previous editions (for works first published online in KYSO Flash):

2019 Best of the Net:

One of our nominees, Fresh Strawberries by Lorette C. Luzajic, was selected as a Poetry Finalist.

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2015 Best of the Net:

One of our nominees, Tracers by Ruth Awad, was selected as a Poetry Finalist.

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