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Issue 15: Sept. 2022
Microfiction: 100 words +
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By Angela Carole Brown



In the days of rain, verdant fields moved like lovers. Spring seared bonds and spun burlap into silk. She loved only him, for he looked past the ropes of flesh bound and braided, creating hills around loose skin and vigilance. He’d undressed first. Tattoos galore. But beyond that, scarifications. Some kind of tribal thing from his travels? Made her feel much better about the radical mastectomy chest she was sporting, and the decision against reconstruction. It had been a statement, perhaps also tribal, but then she’d found herself insecure. Now they were a tribe unto themselves. And each other loved.


—Published previously in Angela Carole Brown’s collection of 100-word stories, Aleatory on the Radio (Haiku House, 2019); appears here with author’s permission.

Angela Carole Brown
Issue 15, September 2022

Recipient of the 2018 North Street Book Prize in Literary Fiction for her novel Trading Fours, and the SoulWord Magazine Poetry Prize for her single poem “Cotton Candy,” writer-vocalist-artist Angela Carole Brown has published seven books in the genres of fiction, poetry, and memoir, and has produced eight music recordings in the genres of jazz and folk.

Shorter works have appeared in Flapper Press Poetry Café; MacQueen’s Quinterly; Brilliant Corners: A Journal of Jazz and Literature; Echoes Media; and SoulWord Magazine; and are forthcoming in the poetry anthology In the Black / In the Red (Helicon Nine Editions). In 2021, Angela was honored with an entire concert entitled Short Stories by the Los Angeles-based, 60-voiced Metropolitan Master Chorale created around several 100-word stories from her collection Aleatory on the Radio.

At the end of 2020, Angela produced a videobook from her children’s story The Richest Girl in the World, which she also illustrated and narrated, and which is now the recipient of several film festival awards in Multimedia. She is featured in the documentary film The Goddess Project.

Author’s website: www.angelacarolebrown.com

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