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Updated: 5 July 2022

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Intermittently, MacQ runs writing challenges that offer a modest cash prize and publication online to one Winner (and sometimes one or two runners-up), as well as publication online to several Finalists.

General guidelines for each challenge are much the same. Between the end of one writing challenge and the beginning of the next, then this page may include a reference template which is updated periodically.

Coming Up:

MacQ-15 Ekphrastic Writing Challenge: “The Question of Questions” (opens on 23 July 2022): Details

Previous Competitions:

  1. MacQ’s Cheribun Challenge (February 2022):
    Results and Guidelines

  2. MacQ’s “Triple-Q” Writing Challenge (December 2021):
    Results and Guidelines

  3. The Chains Ekphrastic Writing Challenge (MacQ, February 2021):
    Results and Guidelines

  4. The MacQ RESQ [aka Qualmish]) Challenge (September 2020):
    Results and Guidelines

  5. The MacQ Quink Challenge (July 2020):
    Results and Guidelines

  6. Magician Ekphrastic Challenge (MacQ, May 2020):
    Results and Guidelines

  7. The DavenTree Ekphrastic Challenge (KYSO Flash, Spring 2019):
    Results and Guidelines

  8. One Life, One Earth (OLOE) Challenge (KYSO Flash, Spring 2017):

  9. KYSO Flash Triple-F Writing Challenge (Spring 2016):

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