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Issue 5: October 2020

Results: “RESQ” Writing Challenge


Guidelines (September 2020)


Winner ($100 USD):

The Neon Raven [flash fiction] by Lorette C. Luzajic

Two Finalists ($50 USD each), unranked:

The Anniversary Surprise [micro-fiction] by Roberta Beary

The God-Fearing Man [flash fiction] by John Shea

Two Semi-finalists, unranked:

Aquarellum Atramento [flash fiction] by Laura Harcourt

Linguistic Infidelity [flash fiction] by Nicole Nagy

Results from our previous writing competitions:

The MacQ “Quink” Challenge (July 2020)

Magician Ekphrastic Challenge (May 2020)

The DavenTree Ekphrastic Challenge (Spring 2019)

One Life, One Earth (OLOE) Challenge (Spring 2017)

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