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MacQueen’s Quinterly: Knock-your-socks-off Art and Literature
Updated: 2 August 2022

Submissions Calendar


MacQ-15 to be launched:   ~22 September
MacQ-15 contest period:   23 July 2022–21 August 2022 (30 days)
MacQ-14 launched on:   2 August
MacQ-14 reading period:   21–30 June 2022 (10 days)
MacQ-13 launched on:   22 May
MacQ-13 reading period:   April [Solicited Mss. only]
MacQ-12 launched on:   10 March
MacQ-12 reading periods:   1–7 February [general submissions];
10–23 February [Cheribun Challenge]
MacQ-11 launched on:   1 January 2022


MacQ-11 reading periods:   13–19 November [general submissions];
22 Nov. thru 5 Dec. [Triple-Q Challenge]
MacQ-10 launched on:   7 October
MacQ-10 reading period:   5–15 September
MacQ-9 launched on:   15 August
MacQ-9 reading period:   1–14 July
MacQ-8 launched on:   12 June
MacQ-8 reading period:   1–15 May
MacQ-7 launched on:   24 March
MacQ-7 reading period:   1–21 February
MacQ-6 launched on:   1 January 2021


MacQ-6 reading period:   28 November–15 December
MacQ-5 launched on:   11 October
MacQ-5 reading periods:   1–15 Sept. [general submissions];
16–30 Sept. [RESQ Challenge]
MacQ-4 launched on:   27 July
MacQ-4 reading period:   16–30 June
MacQ-3 launched on:   14 May
MacQ-3 reading period:   10–25 April
MacQ-2 launched on:   15 March
MacQ-2 reading period:   1–14 February
MacQ-1 launched on:   1 January 2020

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