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Issue 7: March 2021
Haibun: 131 words [R]
By Stella Pierides



It’s at its loudest in the early morning hours. Before light dissolves darkness, before the neighbour leaves for work, before the birds start singing, his laboured breathing comes over the baby monitor whispering, gurgling, rattling, spluttering....

I lie awake listening to the crack of thunder, the roaring waterfall, the sounds of the sea emitted from his chest. A car starting, the exhaust backfiring, the train leaving station. The boat reversing in the harbour. Light rain. A soft meow. His breathing renders a whole world. In this soundscape, I make out the stories he told me when years ago he put me to bed.

Soon, light dispels the apparitions, and his breath comes over the monitor soft, steady, regular, lulling me to sleep.

music of the spheres
how we became


—Published previously in Wales Haiku Journal (inaugural issue, Spring 2018); appears here with poet’s permission

Stella Pierides
Issue 7, March 2021

is a British poet of Greek descent who divides her time between Neusaess, Germany, and London, England. She serves on the Board of Directors of The Haiku Foundation (THF).

Interweaving the past with the present, Stella’s work is located at the meeting points of cultural, social, and psychological worlds, which spark the day-to-day moments of our lives. Her work has been published in numerous print and online journals and anthologies. She has co-edited and contributed to Even Paranoids Have Enemies: New Perspectives on Paranoia and Persecution (Routledge, 1998) and Beyond Madness (JKP, 2002).

Recent books include Feeding the Doves, short stories and haibun (Fruit Dove Press, 2013); and two books, In the Garden of Absence, micro-poetry and haiku (Fruit Dove Press, 2012), and Of This World, haibun (Red Moon Press, 2017), which received Haiku Society of America Merit Awards for books published in 2012 and 2017, respectively.

For more info, visit her website and blog at:

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