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MacQueen’s Quinterly: Knock-your-socks-off Art and Literature
Issue 7: March 2021
Visual Arts: Mixed-media
By Ann Knickerbocker

Three Artworks


les Peupleraies, digital art (photo and asemic writing) by Ann Knickerbocker
les Peupleraies (2018)
Digital art: photograph and asemic writing

Copyrighted © by Ann Knickerbocker. All rights reserved.




Saintish (Adelaide Series): mixed-media painting by Ann Knickerbocker
Saintish (1995)
Acrylic, collage, stencils, and pencil

From the Adelaide series

Copyrighted © by Ann Knickerbocker. All rights reserved.

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Also in the Adelaide series: Firenze, Milano, Roma, Napoli




The Ample Rhine: mixed-media painting by Ann Knickerbocker
The Ample Rhine (2016)
Photographs and iPad painting

From the series: Midsummer Night’s Emily

Copyrighted © by Ann Knickerbocker. All rights reserved.

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Three other works from among several in this series:
The Poem Is “Decidedly Holy”
The Truth Must Dazzle Gradually
My Business Is Circumference


Images are reproduced above with artist’s permission.

Ann Knickerbocker
Issue 7, March 2021

is an abstract painter who has shown her work in New England and on the West Coast and overseas; she has been a member of several galleries in Amherst, Massachusetts; Essex and Guilford, Connecticut; and Point Reyes Station, California (Gallery Route One). She also holds an advanced degree in literature.

For links to her galleries and blog, Artist in an A-frame, please visit: www.annknickerbocker.com

More on the Web: By, About, and Beyond

A sampling of artworks by Ann Knickerbocker paired with ekphrastic prosimetra by Charles D. Tarlton:

Crane by Ann Knickerbocker in MacQueen’s Quinterly (Issue 5, October 2020)

Artifact With Steam (2019) by Ann Knickerbocker in KYSO Flash (Issue 12, Summer 2019)

Ann Knickerbocker’s Interrogation II in KYSO Flash (Issue 8, August 2017)

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