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Issue 7: March 2021
Micro-Poem: 46 words
By deb y felio

[Untitled Cherita Sequence]


many mountains climbed 

out of despair 
searching for freedom 

but thinking 
rescue lines 
are still chains 


the path of most resistance one step then another holding back holding on the pilgrim’s choice


layers of life like waves frozen in stone where ancestors have walked before us



—After a photograph by Cindy L. Sheppard: The Chains That Free Us

—One of four Finalists in The Chains Writing Challenge

deb y felio
Issue 7, March 2021

lives and writes as a witness poet in the hills of Boulder, Colorado. She is active in the Denver Lighthouse for Writers and the Boulder poetry community, and a regular at several national open mics (now on Zoom). Her work is published in multiple online venues including Writing In a Woman’s Voice, Tuck Magazine, The Poet by Day, Right Hand Pointing, Quatrain.Fish, and With Painted Words.

Her writing is also anthologized in print: Hay(na)ku 15: A Commemorative Anthology (2018; edited by Eileen R. Tabios, inventor of the hay(na)ku form); Minnie’s Diary: A Southern Literary Review (2018); Startled by Joy 2019 and Startled by Nature 2020, volumes one and two of the annual Gabriel’s Horn Anthology, New Poetry in Traditional Forms; and Refuse to Stay Silent: A Collection of Verse + Visuals From Colorado Creators (Pink Progression, 2020).

Ms. felio has worked for 30 years in underserved communities providing mental health services to individuals and families with trauma histories.

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