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MacQueen’s Quinterly: Knock-your-socks-off Art and Literature
Issue 20X: 21 Nov. 2023
Publisher’s Intro: 400 words

Happy Holidays!


And welcome to MacQ-20X, the Gratitude Issue, inspired by artist, poet, and retired trauma therapist Kendall Johnson. I’m so pleased and honored to feature a bounty of his works in this special issue, including the fifth essay in his Writing to Heal series, five of his paintings, a book review, a prose poem, and seven CNF vignettes in his series Father Bill’s Studio.

With profound appreciation for the privilege of sharing my love of literature and art through this journal, I also present almost two dozen works by 11 other lovely authors and artists, who graciously accepted my invitation to contribute. From my heart, thank you all! This Gratitude Issue delivers my favorite kind of art and literature, evocative pieces that make me smile, make me cry, make me laugh, and/or even make me gasp in admiration: “How cool is this?!”

An annual day of giving thanks is celebrated on various dates in several countries, like the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Liberia, Japan, and Brazil, among others (source: Wikipedia). And folks who attend church weekly usually give thanks for their blessings one or more times during the service.

But I highly recommend a daily practice of gratitude. Multiple times per day in fact. Until it becomes second nature. An attitude of gratitude gives us a new perspective, changes our lives for the better. It leads to the awareness of and appreciation for the sheer abundance which surrounds and sustains us. As I can personally attest!

When we stop focusing on what we think we lack, and start focusing on what we actually have, then we begin to see how incredibly fortunate we truly are. And that’s a sure-fire path to joy, I guarantee it. 😄 (And a scientific fact.)

Also helpful: the cultivation of curiosity, which fuels the drive to tinker and create. A curious nature entices me to leave my comfy warm bed each morning. After all, I’ve been granted the gift of another day, thank Goodness! And despite my physical aches and pains, despite my losses of loved ones, despite the inevitable grievous news in the world and the scratching of the dogs of Despair at my door—my mission is to remain open to gratitude, to abundance, to joy. Which new-to-me wonders will I discover today?

In hopes that you, too,
will find much to marvel at here,

—Clare MacQueen

Contents: Issue 20X

Feature: Self-Care
for Creators, V

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:: 20X ::
Feature: Self-Care for Creators, Part 5: Writing to Heal
Kendall Johnson Writing Hope [essay, plus five artworks]
:: 20X ::
Fiction: Micro
Daryl Scroggins A Study in Lace [ekphrastic]
Just Out of Frame
:: 20X ::
Kate Flannery Halcyon Days [essay, lyric]
Tell Out My Soul [memoir]
Kendall Johnson Father Bill’s Studio: Seven Vignettes [CNF]
Serious Magic: A Review of Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s Journey to Merveilleux City [book review]
Lorette C. Luzajic Patience, and Other Virtues That I Lack [CNF]
Daryl Scroggins The Light I Want to Keep [micro-nonfiction]
:: 20X ::
Poetic Forms
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Jack Cooper Excerpts from Silly Lily’s Rhyming Adventure in Nature [micro-poems, plus drawing]
Kika Dorsey After My Car Accident [prose poem]
Scott Ferry sometimes i speak to myself as if i am a child [poem, lineated]
Scott Ferry &
Gary S. Rosin
Long Legs [shahai: photograph + poem]
Gary Grossman Reflections on Painting the Kitchen [R] [poem, lineated]
Kendall Johnson Intermezzo [prose poem]
Cynthia Pyun Never ending abundance [micro-poem and photograph]
Gary S. Rosin Another Night [poem, lineated]
Gary S. Rosin See also second entry for Scott Ferry above.
Jonathan Yungkans He Is a Monster Like Everyone Else But What Do You Do If You’re a Monster [prose poem]
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:: 20X ::
Visual Arts
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Scott Ferry &
Gary S. Rosin
See Poetic Forms above.
Greta Gonzalez Untitled [drawing]
Kendall Johnson See Feature: Self-Care for Creators above.
Cynthia Pyun See Poetic Forms above.
Gary S. Rosin See second entry for Scott Ferry in Poetic Forms above.

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