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Issue 14: August 2022
Poem: 217 words
By Robert Eugene Rubino

When Meditation Was All the Rage

One minute you’re feeling enlightened 
meditating with brown-robed beatific bald Buddhist nuns. 

Next minute you’re feeling frightened 
by high-beams flashing horn-honking tailgating pickup. 

One minute you follow your breath 
inhale exhale release restless random distracting thoughts. 

Next minute you’re breathless 
screaming expletives at the tailgater who can’t expletive hear you. 

One minute you notice 
the modest monastery’s sweet air suffused with serenity. 

Next minute you imagine 
tailgater’s MAGA hat swear you hear truck growl like a T-rex. 

One minute you’re grateful 
for the monastery’s sparseness its safe spotless space sacred. 

Next minute you’re resentful 
of sadistic fun at your expense despite how fast or slow you go. 

One minute you hear 
nun speak wisely about how all is transient all attachment suffering. 

Next minute you see 
your spiritual effing afterglow in ashes on a two-lane blacktop. 

One minute you’re kneeling 
knowing there’s no past no future only the here-and-now present. 

Next minute you’re screaming 
You want to pass me!? Pass me! Fuck me if I’m pulling over! 

One minute you’re at peace 
all is right with the world all are forgiven including you. 

Next minute you’re at war 
slowed to a crawl, in interior glow you hold middle-finger pose. 

Whatever happens happens. Namaste. 


Robert Eugene Rubino
Issue 14, August 2022

is the author of three forthcoming collections: Aficionado (Humming Word Press), Vanity Unfair and Other Poems (Cathexis Northwest Press), and Douglas KOs Tyson (UnCollected Press).

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