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Issue 14: August 2022
Poem: 100 words
By David Lawton

Herbs, Mama, Herbs!

(for Gayelord Hauser)
Pops wanted/ that good fine green 
He wanted the same for you and me 
Being physic minded like he was 

Mother Mayann picking peppers by the railroad tracks 
Crescent City dandelions, kettle boil that stuff 
Senna plant leaves from the Land of the Pharaohs 
Come across the ocean to Congo Square 

Licorice rooted black as Le Dieu Bechet 
Hibiscus flower tart like his second wife Lil 
Jelly Roll pungent caraway seed 
Marigold sacred as Papa Joe 

Make you feel oh so good and swell 
See a man named Pugh/ to leave it all behind. 


David Lawton
Issue 14, August 2022

is the author of the poetry collection Sharp Blue Stream (Three Rooms Press) and the chapbook Inspiritive (Moonstone Arts), and serves as an editor for great weather for MEDIA. He has work currently in From The Inside: NYC through the eyes of the poets who live here (Blue Light Press) and Call Me {Brackets} and upcoming in P-QUEUE and the New York Quarterly anthology Without a Doubt: Poems Illustrating Faith.

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