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Issue 11: January 2022
Poem: 168 words
By C.L. Liedekev

In the Land of Wolf and Owl


Father wolf gone angry 
against my mother’s blade hands, 
feathers scattered over 
melted Tupperware. 
Her voice in mid-owl madness, 
perched on the sofa bed, 
the blood of every bird carries a different note 
a different taste in talons. 

In this season, the water tower 
and its shadow sit 
among the trees, dark lock 
of roots, of vine, a place 
where secrets talk of an escape plan, 
I can see it from my window, 
the torn silver Tot Finder sticker, 
fireman’s hard immunity half 
lost to my own mock scratches. 

Mother owl knows only roil 
and flame, the hooked wing 
of Cowtown plates as 
they climb half up the steps 
and vanish. A memory 
as it coasts the exposed 
edge of the trees, pushes 
past the angle of the apartment 
window. I spit up in the corner, 
an egg, a pellet, a ball 
made up of fur and pinion 
and fear and wound. By morning 
it dries into a stone heart. 

C.L. Liedekev
Issue 11, January 2022

is a poet/propagandist who lives in Conshohocken, PA with his real name, wife, and children. He attended most of his life in the Southern part of New Jersey. His work has been published in such places as Hare’s Paw, Humana Obscura, Impspired, Open Skies Quarterly, Red Fez, The Red Hibiscus, River Heron Review, and Vita Brevis. His real goal is to make the great Hoboken poet/exterminator Jack Wiler proud. So far, so good.

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