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Issue 10: October 2021
Poem: 117 words [R]
By Patricia Nelson


How heavy on its stem my dream 
of love seems now, a season of color 
fabricating apples out of mindless weather. 

It is place as much as memory, 
a river where I held everything 
in the rushing slenderness of sight. 

Her eye was the blue of morning, 
dreamt by cold, bright water. 
A forgetting of all that contradicts. 

A place where the hour narrows 
and sands go faster, brighter, as if fated. 
A gleam in the wind and in my hand. 

Love is denser when it loses this, 
smaller as the heart is after fear—
A dull thing that resists, 

It feels an undertow that stirs the motes, 
bright creatures whirling 
toward the cold white sturgeon. 



—Published previously in the poet’s most recent book, In the Language of Lost Light (Poetic Matrix Press, 2021); appears here with her permission.

Patricia Nelson
Issue 10, October 2021

is a retired attorney who worked for many years with the “Activist” group of poets led by Lawrence Hart and John Hart in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her most recent book is In the Language of Lost Light (Poetic Matrix Press).

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