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Issue 1: January 2020
Visual Artworks
Haiga: 8 words [R]
8 words [R]
By Alexis Rotella

Three Artworks


Home alone, haiga by Alexis Rotella

Home alone (Haiga)

Copyrighted © by Alexis Rotella. All rights reserved.

Home alone
I put on
my peasant dress



Posing, haiga by Alexis Rotella

Posing (Haiga)

Copyrighted © by Alexis Rotella. All rights reserved.

for no one
woman on
the train



Neena, digital artwork by Alexis Rotella

Neena (Digital artwork)

Copyrighted © by Alexis Rotella. All rights reserved.

—Artworks are reproduced here from the artist’s Facebook galleries with her permission. Dates of posting to FB: Home alone (26 July 2019), Posing (20 September 2018), and Neena (6 August 2019).

Alexis Rotella
Issue 1, January 2020

was honored to be included in the American Haiku Archives as honorary curator in 2019. She is the curator/editor of Unsealing Our Secrets, a MeToo anthology of short poems about sexual abuse which was awarded a Touchstone Distinguished Book Award (2018). An award-winning poet and digital artist, she has been writing Japanese poetry forms in English since the late 1970s. Her work has been published throughout the world, and she is the author of dozens of books. Her latest include Dancing the Tarantella (tanka and cherita) and Scratches on the Moon: Haibun, both of which are available on Amazon and Kindle; and The Color Blue, which was released by Red Moon Press in 2017. Her out-of-print haiku and tanka books, as well as her newest works, can be read on Kindle.

Ms. Rotella’s passions include her acupuncture practice in Arnold, Maryland, and mobile photography. Her mobile art has been showcased in Porto, Portugal and in Florence and Milan, Italy and continues to be featured in many on-line venues. Her digital art is for sale online at Alexis Rotella Designs.

More on the Web: By, About, and Beyond

Purple: A Parable by Alexis Rotella, with pictures by Diane Katz (Rosenberry Books, 2008)

Purple, the first poem Alexis ever wrote, and one which has been reprinted many times during the decades since

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