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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Paul Ilechko Bridges [poem] 10
Paul Ilechko Long Migration [poem] 14


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Gerry Jacobson The Isolation [tanka prose] 3
Doug Jacquier Angus, 10, Finds Love [microfiction] 12
David Jaggard You Might as Well Just Get Down on Your Hands and Knees and Lick the Sidewalk [flash fiction] 8
Peter Jastermsky A Desert Year [poem] 9
Peter Jastermsky [black holes] [poem: monoku-cherita dyad] 12
Peter Jastermsky Dearest One [haibun story] 2
Peter Jastermsky Drifting Snow [haibun] 1
Peter Jastermsky Eavesdroppings [prose poem] 15
Peter Jastermsky Fishboy [cheribun] 12
Peter Jastermsky Highlights [prose poem] 15
Peter Jastermsky Legacies [haibun] 10
Peter Jastermsky Love Thing [micro-poem: split sequence] 9
Peter Jastermsky “Love Thing”: The Allure of the Split Sequence [craft essay] 9
Peter Jastermsky On the Runway [cheribun] 11
Peter Jastermsky Pathways [cheribun] 11
Peter Jastermsky Reservations [prose poem] 15
Peter Jastermsky Scuttlebutt [prose poem] 12
Peter Jastermsky Solid, Not Solid [cheribun] 12
Peter Jastermsky The Thrifter [haibun] 4
Peter Jastermsky This Week’s Special [haibun] 3
Peter Jastermsky Thought Trains [haibun] 4
Peter Jastermsky Three Micro-Poems: “all the miles” [cherita], “canyon fault lines” [senryu], and “desert crossroads” [senryu] 1
Peter Jastermsky Tipping Points [haibun] 2
Peter Jastermsky Two Haibun (“Bodie” and “What’s Left Behind”) [haibun] 15
Peter Jastermsky Two Micro-Haibun: “Boneyard” and “Size Wise” [haibun] 14
Peter Jastermsky Two Micro-Poems: “morning lizard” [senryu], and “counting my blessings” [cherita] 3
Peter Jastermsky Two senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
Peter Jastermsky & Lorraine A Padden Opportunity [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Peter Jastermsky & Christine L. Villa Inheritance [micro-poem: split sequence] 9
Maggie Jaszczak untitled hand fan [sculpture] 2
William J. Jefferson College and Cotton [poem] 11
William J. Jefferson Depends [poem] 12
Arya F. Jenkins A Dog Is a Dog Is a Dog [flash fiction] 2
Arya F. Jenkins Days Like This [flash fiction] 2
Kelly Jensen Holding Quinks [prose poem] 4
Kelly Jensen Pandemic Wine [haibun] 7
Kendall Johnson Dear Vincent: A Psychologist Turned Artist Writes Back to Van Gogh, three excerpts: [Contrasts]; [Fishing Boats]; and [Bloom] [epistolary, ekphrastic] 14
Kendall Johnson “Dear Vincent” letter (July 2022): On the Occasion of Your Latest Reveal [epistolary, ekphrastic] 14
Kendall Johnson Epistles to Dalí II [haibun, ekphrastic] 14
Kendall Johnson Linking Sacred Moments: Unlocking the Novella-in-Flash by Michael Loveday [book review] 14
Kendall Johnson Out of the Desert [cheribun], with one of his abstract paintings (Image M-26) 15
Kendall Johnson Utah [cheribun] 14
Peter Johnson Anniversary [microfiction] 1
Peter Johnson Snails [prose poem] 1


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Arvinder Kaur One senryu + one haiku [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
Teo Kefalopoulos Untitled [snapshot of Paulo Ernesto Silva holding Teo’s framed photograph Lost in Nothingness] 1
Adele Kenny Just Perhaps [R] [prose poem, ekphrastic] 7
Adele Kenny December in the Trees [haibun] 6
Adele Kenny Then and What Happened [prose poem] 6
Brendon Kent One tanka [micro-poem: COVID-ku] 3
Elizabeth Kerlikowske At Tabor Hill [microfiction] 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Elegy: Class Trip [microfiction] 1
Elizabeth Kerlikowske February [poem] 11
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Fully Interlocking [prose poem] 5
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Goodwill and the Renaissance [microfiction] 11
Elizabeth Kerlikowske If my grandfather walked toward me with two arms, I wouldn’t recognize him [micro-CNF] 11
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Into the Oak [prose poem] 9
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Step-kids [prose poem] 1
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Ten Slices of Pandemic [poem] 5
Elizabeth Kerlikowske The Logical Thing [prose poem] 5
Elizabeth Kerlikowske The Pilot [microfiction] 12
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Trail Crew [prose poem, ekphrastic] 7
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Tribute to Mary Hatch [prose poem] 9
Chuck Kimmerle Rainbow and Dead Tree [photograph], with poem by Gary S. Rosin 15
Susan King Two senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
Maureen Kingston Catfishing [prose poem] 3
Maureen Kingston Cloudy With a Chance of Torture [prose poem] 14
Maureen Kingston Folly [prose poem] 2
Maureen Kingston Scriptura Continua [haibun story] 2
Maureen Kingston Solitary Genius [haibun, ekphrastic] 14
Emilee Kinney The muck ditch [prose poem] 10
Paul Klee The Twittering Machine [painting] 8
Arthur Klepchukov afterglow [microfiction] 6
Arthur Klepchukov Dialing Islands [flash fiction] 6
Gustav Klimt The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze [painting] 1
Ann Knickerbocker Crane [painting, mixed-media] 5
Ann Knickerbocker Three Artworks: les Peupleraies (2018) [digital art: asemic writing with photograph]; Saintish (1995) [collage, mixed-media]; and The Ample Rhine (2016) [painting, mixed-media] 7
Ann Knickerbocker Three Entangled Abstracts: Fellini Goes to Fanore, Ireland (2018), Driving Through the Black Forest (2018), and A Bouquet for Manet (2017) [paintings, mixed-media] 8
Ann Knickerbocker Thursday Night Thunderstorm [painting, mixed-media] 3
Jozie Konczal The First Sense [prose poem] 13
Norbert Kovacs Winter Field [microfiction] 14
Judy Kronenfeld Animal Knowledge [poem] 14
Judy Kronenfeld Brief Impromptu Meditation [poem] 11
Judy Kronenfeld Final Dissolve by Aquamation [poem] 8
Michel Steven Krug Drape [poem] 11
Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi After the Rain [painting] 5
Kathryn Kulpa Five Things I Remember from the Anthropocene Age [flash fiction] 14
Kathryn Kulpa Halo [microfiction] 1
Kathryn Kulpa Oregon Trail [microfiction] 14
Kathryn Kulpa Slip [flash fiction] 4
Kathryn Kulpa War Bride [microfiction] 4


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Yahia Lababidi For George Floyd [poem] 4
Yahia Lababidi [Selected Aphorisms] [nonfiction] 4
Yahia Lababidi Your Love [micro-poem] 4
J.R. Lancaster Reclining Nude on Sofa: Tribute to Amedeo Modigliani [painting: mixed-media figurative + artist’s commentary] 1
Madeleine Lascelle Joe Tuesday [flash fiction] 3
Craig Latker A female Western giant echneumon (Megarhyssa nortoni) [illustration, pen and ink] 14
David Lawton Herbs, Mama, Herbs! [poem] 14
David Lawton Uisce [poem] 5
Gary LeBel Bricks [prose poem] 6
Gary LeBel Husband [poem] 6
Gary LeBel Madrigal [poem] 6
Gary LeBel Through a Hole in the Afternoon I Smelled Montale’s Lemons [artwork, assemblage] 6
Stellasue Lee A Ferocity of Mind Lives Here in Silence [poem] 6
Stellasue Lee For Birds Sing Sometimes Without Purpose [poem] 6
Stellasue Lee Lying in a Darkened Room at Night Letting the Past Live Through Me [poem] 12
Stellasue Lee On the Playground with Edward Hirsch [poem] 12
Kat Lehmann April [haibun] 3
Kat Lehmann Crossing [haibun, braided] 11
Kat Lehmann Embodying the In-Between [haibun, braided] 12
Kat Lehmann Energy Shift in the Storage Shed [haibun, braided] 14
Kat Lehmann Hiraeth [haibun] 12
Kat Lehmann Inner Rising [haibun, braided] 14
Kat Lehmann Long Exposure [haibun] 11
Kat Lehmann Melting Clock [haibun] 10
Kat Lehmann Mermaids [haibun] 12
Kat Lehmann Riding Into Shore [haibun] 9
Kat Lehmann Sensory Revelation Tank [haibun] 10
Kat Lehmann Setting the See-Saw [haibun, braided] 14
Kat Lehmann & Bryan Rickert Lehmann’s Auto Enterprises [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
K. Alan Leitch Props [flash fiction] 4
Dotty LeMieux Holding Pattern [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Dotty LeMieux I Remember: Me and Glenn [prose poem] 12
Dotty LeMieux I Remember: The Bin Laden Girls, September, 2001 [prose poem] 1
Dotty LeMieux Masks [prose poem] 6
Dotty LeMieux Memorial Day [prose poem] 8
Dotty LeMieux On the Day the Supreme Court Hears Arguments on the Case That Might Overturn Roe v. Wade [haibun] 12
Dotty LeMieux Y2K: A Memory [prose poem] 2
Maximilian Lenz One World (1899) [painting] 13
Joan Leotta My Window, My Morning View [prose poem, ekphrastic] 14
Anita Lerek Jazz Paradiso [poem, ekphrastic] 12
Anita Lerek Return Blue [poem, ekphrastic] 12
Louella Lester Tiny and Sharp [microfiction] 12
Michael H. Lester Trouble in the Attic [haibun] 11
Michael H. Lester Two senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
Michael H. Lester You Know, It Don’t Come Easy [tanka tale] 11
John Levy Untitled [photograph of hummingbird] 1
John Levy Untitled [photograph of pigeons] 9
John Levy Untitled [photograph: B&W abstract] 13
John Levy Untitled [photograph of women viewing Derain painting] 15
C. L. Liedekev Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion [poem, ekphrastic] 7
C. L. Liedekev In the Land of Wolf and Owl [poem] 11
Ellaraine Lockie After the Rain [poem] 7
Ellaraine Lockie Early Riser [poem, ekphrastic] 1
Ellaraine Lockie Epistolary [poem] 13
Ellaraine Lockie London Lodging [micro-poem] 7
Ellaraine Lockie Picture of Passion [poem, ekphrastic] 3
Ellaraine Lockie Poets at Any Price [poem] 7
Ellaraine Lockie Small Town New York City [poem] 10
Ellaraine Lockie The Hidden Life of a Hat [poem] 11
Ellaraine Lockie The Semantics of Suicide [poem] 13
Ellaraine Lockie & Alexis Rhone Fancher Sky Spoof [photo-poem] 3
Ellaraine Lockie & Phyllis Ross Pollage Number 92 [haiga hybrid: collage of poem and handmade paper + watercolor and embroidery] 1
Skyler Lovelace & Robert L. Dean, Jr. Piatt Street, 1965 [photo-poem] 13
Kurt Luchs Acid [poem] 12
Kurt Luchs Confessions of a Tree-Hugger [flash fiction] 7
Kurt Luchs Homunculus [poem, ekphrastic] 12
Kurt Luchs Lives of the Gods [prose poem] 7
Kurt Luchs Sweet Mystery of Life [microfiction] 12
Bob Lucky 4th Grade Poetry Lesson: Haiku [poem] 10
Bob Lucky A Beautiful Cacophony but a Din Nonetheless [haibun] 10
Bob Lucky A Note to Edna [haibun] 1
Bob Lucky A Posthumous Lesson From My Mother [haibun] 7
Bob Lucky An Epistemological Aside [haibun] 14
Bob Lucky Are We There Yet? [haibun] 15
Bob Lucky At the Doctor’s Office [prose poem] 2
Bob Lucky Bar Talk [haibun] 11
Bob Lucky Beachside Café Observations [haibun] 9
Bob Lucky Charles D. Tarlton, Touching Fire: New and Selected Ekphrastic Prosimetra [review] 1
Bob Lucky Conspiracy [prose poem] 10
Bob Lucky Coping [haibun] 11
Bob Lucky Dear AI Abby [prose poem] 1
Bob Lucky Fame [haibun] 15
Bob Lucky If every day’s a new day, [haibun] 4
Bob Lucky If I Could Find the Words to Say What I Feel, I Wouldn’t Talk So Much: Notes Towards a Manifesto [prose poem] 13
Bob Lucky In a Brown Study [haibun story] 2
Bob Lucky Intimations [haibun] 8
Bob Lucky Like a fly at the end of a frog’s tongue [haibun] 5
Bob Lucky Missing [prose poem] 15
Bob Lucky My cousin and I [haibun story] 12
Bob Lucky One senryu [micro-poem: COVID-ku] 3
Bob Lucky One Version of Romance Gone Awry [haibun] 12
Bob Lucky Oneiric Event #3 [haibun] 10
Bob Lucky Possible Answers [poem] 11
Bob Lucky Preface to Canto IV of The Three Virgins of Rosenberg, Texas [tanka tale] 5
Bob Lucky Pussy Cat Survives Trip Through Airport X-Ray Machine [haibun] 3
Bob Lucky Sartorial Relapse [haibun] 6
Bob Lucky Scribble Away [haibun sequence] 13
Bob Lucky Shit (an adjective; a noun; a verb), a Sonnet [poem] 4
Bob Lucky Silence [tanka prose] 3
Bob Lucky Somewhere in Texas [haibun] 15
Bob Lucky Strangled Dreams [prose poem: prose ghazal] 15
Bob Lucky Swan Song [poem] 9
Bob Lucky The Armchair Daoist Channels the Mad Farmer [micro-haibun] 15
Bob Lucky The Armchair Daoist Gets Itchy Feet [haibun] 14
Bob Lucky The Grammar of Boredom [haibun] 11
Bob Lucky The History of The Shelled Pea Cookbook [haibun story] 12
Bob Lucky The Light Becomes Us [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Bob Lucky the marble statue with his marble eyes [poem] 10
Bob Lucky The Party [haibun] 10
Bob Lucky This Is No Joke [prose poem] 15
Bob Lucky Vox Clamantis in Deserto [prose poem] 7
Bob Lucky Why I Started Lifting Weights [microfiction] 9
Gavin Lucky apologies [prose poem] 7
Gavin Lucky notice [prose poem] 5
Gavin Lucky plateau [prose poem] 7
Gavin Lucky undertaking [prose poem] 6
Nancy Ludmerer After the Play [microfiction] 4
Nancy Ludmerer Messages From Messina [flash fiction] 14
Nancy Ludmerer Open Wide [flash fiction] 11
Nancy Ludmerer Quiet Enjoyment [microfiction] 4
Nancy Ludmerer You Will Meet a Handsome Stranger [microfiction] 4
Lumitone Photography How an Automat Works [photograph: vintage postcard, Horn & Hardart] 1
Hannah Lund A Prayer for Abe Lincoln [CNF] 5
Lorette C. Luzajic Billy, Don’t Lose My Number [prose poem, ekphrastic] 5
Lorette C. Luzajic Ceviche [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
Lorette C. Luzajic Christmas in July [microfiction, ekphrastic] 13
Lorette C. Luzajic Clean [flash fiction, ekphrastic] 9
Lorette C. Luzajic Figment [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Lorette C. Luzajic First Bluegrass Lesson [prose poem, ekphrastic] 5
Lorette C. Luzajic Four Seasons, after lithographs by Alphonse Mucha [prose poem, ekphrastic] 14
Lorette C. Luzajic Four Visual Artworks: Borderline Marilyn; Let Yourself Forget How Your Story Began; Morning Glory; and Mysteries [paintings, collage, mixed-media] 2
Lorette C. Luzajic Gypsy Bisque [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Lorette C. Luzajic Hopscotch [prose poem, ekphrastic] 14
Lorette C. Luzajic Kenophobia [flash fiction] 15
Lorette C. Luzajic Las Ramblas [prose poem] 15
Lorette C. Luzajic Lucky Peace [prose poem] 8
Lorette C. Luzajic Midnight Train [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Lorette C. Luzajic Night Sax in Mexico City [prose poem, ekphrastic + painting, mixed-media] 9
Lorette C. Luzajic Pho [prose poem] 6
Lorette C. Luzajic Promiscuity [micro fiction, ekphrastic] 5
Lorette C. Luzajic Swimming to Byzantium [painting] 8
Lorette C. Luzajic The Blood Diamond [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Lorette C. Luzajic The Chechia Makers [microfiction] 6
Lorette C. Luzajic The Glass Swan [prose poem, ekphrastic] 9
Lorette C. Luzajic The Hairdresser [flash fiction] 15
Lorette C. Luzajic The Neon Raven [flash fiction, ekphrastic] 5
Lorette C. Luzajic The Phantom of Flatwoods [microfiction] 8
Lorette C. Luzajic The Poetry of Darkness [prose poem, ekphrastic] 12
Lorette C. Luzajic The Psychic [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Lorette C. Luzajic The Shawarma King [prose poem, ekphrastic] 9
Lorette C. Luzajic The Sirens [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
Lorette C. Luzajic The Triaminic Man [flash fiction, ekphrastic] 14
Lorette C. Luzajic The Unforgettable Fire [prose poem] 12
Lorette C. Luzajic Twitter [prose poem, ekphrastic] 8


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Katharyn Howd Machan Odd Numbers [poem] 7
Patience Mackarness Seaglass [haibun] 10
Clare MacQueen Nine Years [taiga: tanka + photograph] 4
Clare MacQueen “No Succinct Summary Will Do Them Justice” [review of book, A Cast-Iron Aeroplane That Can Actually Fly: Commentaries From 80 American Poets on Their Prose Poetry] 2
Clare MacQueen Two Must-Read Books by The Queen of Ekphrasis [review/commentary] 9
René Magritte La Grand Guerre Façades (1964) [painting] 14
Marie-Elizabeth Mali Hum [poem] 12
Édouard Manet Olympia [painting] 2
Robert I. Mann Two Girls With Jobs [prose poem, ekphrastic] 14
Robert I. Mann What is between everything [flash fiction] 7
Franz Marc Die grossen blauen Pferde (The Large Blue Horses) [painting] 10
Jill Doster Marcusse Cheese Sampler [prose poem] 9
Jill Doster Marcusse No Madonna [micro-CNF] 8
Betsy Mars Bricklayers [poem] 14
Betsy Mars Cornered [poem] 10
Sarah Massey-Warren Should I Stay or Should I Go? [essay] 6
Jan Matejko Stanczyk (1862) [painting] 14
dl mattila Angling [haibun] 8
R W Mayer After W.C.W. [poem] 12
Joan Mazza False Positive [poem] 10
George McDermott Flyover [poem] 10
Kathleen McGookey 581 Prestwick [prose poem] 2
Kathleen McGookey Cloud Report (“4/19/22” and “5/24/22”) [prose poems] 14
Kathleen McGookey Groupon, March 25, 2020: One Acre of Land on Mars: $35 $19 [prose poem] 6
Kathleen McGookey Inside Out [prose poem] 12
Kathleen McGookey Little Gold Door [prose poem] 14
Kathleen McGookey Magnificent Error [prose poem] 2
Kathleen McGookey The Quiet in the House [prose poem] 6
Kathleen McGookey Where the Heart Is [prose poem] 12
Marietta McGregor Auld lang syne [haibun] 6
Marietta McGregor FaceTime: Session 3 [haibun] 3
Marietta McGregor Game Over [haibun] 12
Marietta McGregor Magus [cheribun] 12
Marietta McGregor Star bright [tanka prose] 14
Marietta McGregor Terror Australis [haibun] 11
Amalia Melis January Widow [memoir] 1
Paul David Mena [Fresh Graffiti] [micro-poem + photograph] 4
Ralph Mercer Dialectics: Untitled 7 [photograph] 10
Todd Mercer December D.I.Y. [micro fiction] 12
Todd Mercer It’s Terribly Easy to Use Up This Precious Life [prose poem, hybrid] 11
Todd Mercer Jane’s Real Haunted House [micro fiction] 12
Todd Mercer Marco Polo [micro fiction] 12
Todd Mercer The Key Event [micro fiction] 12
Mark Meyer conflagration [haiga] 10
Mark Meyer [ever older] [haiga: poem + painting] 5
Mark Meyer five-and-dime theology [haibun] 4
Mark Meyer [floaters] [haiga] 10
Mark Meyer One haiku + one senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
Mark Meyer Seattle noir [haibun] 10
Mark Meyer [selbstporträt—] [haiga: digital art + poem] 2
Mark Meyer [summer swim] [haiga: poem + photograph] 5
Mark Meyer Two Artworks: Bon Vivant and Pleiomorphic [digital pigment prints] 2
Mark Meyer [worlds within worlds] [haiga] 3
Michelangelo Four Prisoners at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence (Atlas Slave; Awakening Slave; Bearded Slave; and Young Slave) [sculpture] 1
John Everett Millais Ophelia [painting] 7
Joseph Mills Art Education [micro fiction] 2
Joseph Mills Testimonial [prose poem] 2
Elaine Mintzer It Could Be Raining [prose poem] 10
Elaine Mintzer Ode to My Tweezers [poem] 12
Mike Moats &
Gary S. Rosin
[pack ice melts] [haiga: photograph + poem] 11
Amedeo Modigliani Reclining Nude, Head Resting on Right Arm (aka Nude on a Sofa) [painting] 1
Penelope Moffet Bird-Bits [poem] 8
Penelope Moffet Shelter [poem, ekphrastic] 8
Penelope Moffet Thumbprint [poem] 14
Bill Mohr EROTIC: New & Selected by Alexis Rhone Fancher [book review] 9
Bill Mohr The Timing Chains [poem] 10
Claude Monet En promenade près d’Argenteuil [painting] 9
Diane Lee Moomey Flashback [poem] 9
Diane Lee Moomey Platform Heels [poem: nonce, rhyming] 9
Lisa Marguerite Mora Heart Map [poem] 10
Marilyn Morgan Hoboken [micro fiction] 11
Berthe Morisot The Cradle [painting] 2
Berthe Morisot Woman and Child on a Balcony [painting] 5
Michele Morris Here’s to Life [prose poem, ekphrastic] 11
Michele Morris Serenity Now [prose poem, ekphrastic] 10
Michele Morris Still Standing [prose poem] 12
Michele Morris The Alchemist [prose poem, ekphrastic] 12
Charlene Stegman Moskal Curbside [prose poem] 5
Alphonse Mucha The Seasons series, 1900: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn [lithographs] 14
Rick Mulkey Concerning Whiskey [poem] 1
Rick Mulkey Late Summer Meditation on Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with a Reaper [poem, ekphrastic] 15
Rick Mulkey Susan’s Creek [poem] 15
Rick Mulkey Singing [poem] 15
Rick Mulkey Waking Alone After Drinking Too Much Wine in Umbria [poem] 1
Rick Mulkey Where are you, Walt Whitman? [poem] 1
Lynn Mundell The Shelter [micro fiction] 9
Aurore Uwase Munyabera Conflict Resolution [painting, alcohol ink] 5
Scott Murkin Three Art Quilts: Crosswise II; Interstices VIII; and La Villa [textile arts] 9
Erin Murphy Three Demi-Sonnets: Poetry 101: “Caesura”; “Haiku”; and “Slant Rhyme” [poems] 8
Erin Murphy Three Demi-Sonnets: Taxonomies: “Churning”; “Full Disclosures”; and “Needles” [poems] 8


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Nora Nadjarian My Perfect Cousin [microfiction] 15
Gautam Nadkarni Hot Couture [haibun story] 5
Nicole Nagy Linguistic Infidelity [flash fiction] 5
Lee Nash Polysemic crush [haibun story] 4
Paul Negri Mysterium Magnum [flash fiction] 3
Eric Nelson Disappearing [poem] 10
Eric Nelson Play Ball or Sing [poem] 10
Eric Nelson Umbrella [poem] 10
Patricia Nelson Cyclops [poem] 10
Patricia Nelson Arthur [poem] 10
Patricia Nelson Morgan Remembers [poem] 10
Richard Nester Entitled [poem, ekphrastic] 6
Richard Nester Making Peach Cobbler [poem] 9
Robbi Nester After Blossom [poem, ekphrastic] 3
Robbi Nester After Kazakh Winter by Aaron Rands [poem, ekphrastic] 6
Robbi Nester After The Large Blue Horses, Franz Marc (1911) [poem, ekphrastic] 10
Robbi Nester Book [poem, ekphrastic] 2
Robbi Nester Cloudfarming [poem, ekphrastic] 12
Robbi Nester Dancing White Egret [poem, ekphrastic] 14
Robbi Nester Dangerous Dreams [poem, ekphrastic] 2
Robbi Nester Death Happens: Alex Atala [poem, ekphrastic] 9
Robbi Nester Face [poem] 12
Robbi Nester Hot [poem] 9
Robbi Nester Inquest [poem, ekphrastic] 11
Robbi Nester Juxtaposition [poem, ekphrastic] 3
Robbi Nester Listen [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Robbi Nester Naughty Bits [poem] 11
Robbi Nester On Adaptation [poem, ekphrastic] 5
Robbi Nester On Chaos [poem] 6
Robbi Nester On Rembrandt’s Stone Operation [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Robbi Nester Privilege [poem, ekphrastic] 5
Robbi Nester Scent of Mortality [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Robbi Nester Summer, Sheltering in Place [poem, ekphrastic] 5
Robbi Nester The Missing Sense [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Robbi Nester The Witness [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Robbi Nester Van Gogh“s Ear [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Robbi Nester Where Is Home? [poem] 10
Rachel Neve-Midbar Younger Men [prose poem] 14
Megan Nevels Self-Portrait as Ancestry.com [poem] 8
Peter Newton Double Take [haibun] 13
Peter Newton Megafauna [haibun] 14
Peter Newton Modern Gothic [haibun story] 14
Peter Newton Rosebud [braided haibun / haibun story] 12
Peter Newton Suds Land USA [haibun, anomalous] 12


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Katherine Durham Oldmixon & Gary S. Rosin Hey! [haiga: poem + photograph] 10
John Olson Black Desire [micro-essay, ekphrastic] 7
John Olson Body and Soul [prose poem] 7
John Olson Crocodile [essay, ekphrastic] 2
John Olson Funny Shirts [prose poem] 3
John Olson Hang on to Your Hat: A Diatribe for Four Voices (and the Sixth Mass Extinction) [prose poem] 1
John Olson New Terms [prose poem] 2
John Olson Running for Cover [prose poem] 3
John Olson The Seeing Machine, Chapter XXXIII [novel excerpt, ekphrastic] 3
Naoki Onogawa Untitled Sculptures [bonsai-like trees whose leaves are tiny paper cranes] 10
Jenine Oosthuizen Quick or Ink? [flash fiction] 4
Simone Opdam &
Gary S. Rosin
Frozen [haiga: photograph + poem] 10X
Simone Opdam &
Gary S. Rosin
Lente (Spring) [sha-haibun: photograph + haiku + anomalous prose poem] 12
Dion O’Reilly In Bellingham [poem] 11
Dion O’Reilly Maybe Stories [poem] 11
Dion O’Reilly Red Truck [poem] 5


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Lorraine A Padden & Peter Jastermsky Opportunity [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Lorraine A Padden & Alan Peat Perpetual [rengay variant] 13
Lorraine A Padden & Alan Peat White Marble [rengay variant] 14
Jacqueline Parker Edge of the Atlantic [flash fiction] 12
Pamela Johnson Parker It’s a Hard Art, Living [lyric memoir, ekphrastic] 1
Parmigianino Madonna dal collo lungo (The Madonna With the Long Neck) [painting] 10
Nancy Parshall Into the Mow [flash memoir] 14
Gay Pasley Sister Mary Frances at NAACP Walk for Peace [photograph] 4
Lynn Pattison Burglar [prose poem] 3
Lynn Pattison Evening in the Diner [flash fiction] 4
Lynn Pattison Lora has been hidden in the tree trunk [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Lora no longer sees herself [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Once in a while Lora sees the strangeness [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Lora is never alone. [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Why, [prose poem] 4
Alan Peat & Lorraine A Padden Perpetual [rengay variant] 13
Alan Peat & Lorraine A Padden White Marble [rengay variant] 14
Alan Peat &
Gary S. Rosin
Waymark [haiga: photograph + poem] 11
Rachael Peckham Black Box [prose poem] 5
Rachael Peckham Mr. Happy and the Secret Prayer Circle [flash fiction] 5
Joan Penn Oh, My Feet. My Poor, Poor Feet [poem] 12
Joan Penn Thou Art an Ass! [poem] 12
Barry Peters Fidelity [flash fiction] 4
Barry Peters The Michael Caine Dream [poem] 4
Linda Petrucelli Blink [CNF] 3
Linda Petrucelli Things I Wish I Had Asked the Wizard of Wazoo [CNF] 12
Rebecca Pickens Intervention [flash fiction] 11
LeeAnn Pickrell Ode to Coffee [poem, ekphrastic] 4
LeeAnn Pickrell Restricted [poem] 4
LeeAnn Pickrell Seconds [poem] 8
Stella Pierides And yet [haibun] 1
Stella Pierides Felting Haiga [or, Hairballs to Haiga: The Evolution of a New Hybrid Form, “Haikufelting”] [craft essay] 1
Stella Pierides Four Felting Haiga, aka Haikufeltings: “evening hour—”; “fiery sunset—”; “soft rains on Lesbos...”; and “worn smooth” [haiga] 1
Stella Pierides Lullaby [haibun] 7
Stella Pierides Noir [A Triptych] [haibun story] 2
Stella Pierides So that we remember [haibun story] 3
Meg Pokrass Final Patient [micro fiction] 1
Meg Pokrass Terminal [micro fiction] 1
Meg Pokrass & Jeff Friedman Three Micro Stories: “The Grana Padano House of Wedgewood”; “The Not So Invisible Ex”; and “Mistaking One Cheese for Another” [micro fiction] 9
Keith Polette Axis Mundi [haibun] 12
Keith Polette Baseball [haibun] 12
Ken Poyner Automaton [microfiction: drabble] 15
Ken Poyner Capture [microfiction: drabble] 15
Ken Poyner Puberty [microfiction: drabble] 15
Rena Priest Live Nude Girl’s Favorite Thing to Feel [poem] 7
Maria Prymachenko Years of My Youth, Come Visit Me [painting] 15
Howard Pyle The Mermaid [painting] 2


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