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Name of Author Title of Work [+ genre] Issue
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Clare MacQueen Nine Years [taiga: poem + photograph] 4
Clare MacQueen “No Succinct Summary Will Do Them Justice” [review of A Cast-Iron Aeroplane That Can Actually Fly: Commentaries From 80 American Poets on Their Prose Poetry] 2
Édouard Manet Olympia [painting] 2
Kathleen McGookey 581 Prestwick [prose poem] 2
Kathleen McGookey Magnificent Error [prose poem] 2
Marietta McGregor FaceTime: Session 3 [haibun] 3
Amalia Melis January Widow [memoir] 1
Paul David Mena [Fresh Graffiti] [micro-poem + photograph] 4
Mark Meyer ever older [haiga: poem + painting] 5
Mark Meyer five-and-dime theology [haibun] 4
Mark Meyer One haiku + one senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Mark Meyer selbstporträt— [haiga: digital art + poem] 2
Mark Meyer summer swim [haiga: poem + photograph] 5
Mark Meyer Two Artworks: Bon Vivant and Pleiomorphic [digital pigment prints] 2
Mark Meyer worlds within worlds [haiga] 3
Michelangelo Four Prisoners at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence (Atlas Slave; Awakening Slave; Bearded Slave; and Young Slave) [sculpture] 1
Joseph Mills Art Education [micro-fiction] 2
Joseph Mills Testimonial [prose poem] 2
Amedeo Modigliani Reclining Nude, Head Resting on Right Arm (aka Nude on a Sofa) [painting] 1
Berthe Morisot The Cradle [painting] 2
Berthe Morisot Woman and Child on a Balcony [painting, oil] 5
Charlene Stegman Moskal Curbside [prose poem] 5
Rick Mulkey Concerning Whiskey [lineated poem] 1
Rick Mulkey Waking Alone After Drinking Too Much Wine in Umbria [lineated poem] 1
Rick Mulkey Where are you, Walt Whitman? [lineated poem] 1
Aurore Uwase Munyabera Conflict Resolution [painting, alcohol ink] 5
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Gautam Nadkarni Hot Couture [haibun story] 5
Nicole Nagy Linguistic Infidelity [flash fiction] 5
Lee Nash Polysemic crush [haibun story] 4
Paul Negri Mysterium Magnum [flash fiction] 3
Robbi Nester After Blossom [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 3
Robbi Nester Book [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 2
Robbi Nester Dangerous Dreams [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 2
Robbi Nester Juxtaposition [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 3
Robbi Nester On Adaptation [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 5
Robbi Nester Privilege [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 5
Robbi Nester Summer, Sheltering in Place [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 5
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Dion O’Reilly Red Truck [lineated poem] 5
John Olson Crocodile [essay, ekphrastic, after a sculpture by Philip Hanna] 2
John Olson Funny Shirts [prose poem] 3
John Olson Hang on to Your Hat: A Diatribe for Four Voices (and the Sixth Mass Extinction) [prose poem] 1
John Olson New Terms [prose poem] 2
John Olson Running for Cover [prose poem] 3
John Olson The Seeing Machine, Chapter XXXIII [novel excerpt, ekphrastic] 3
Jenine Oosthuizen Quick or Ink? [flash fiction] 4
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Pamela Johnson Parker It’s a Hard Art, Living [lyric memoir, ekphrastic] 1
Gay Pasley Sister Mary Frances at NAACP Walk for Peace [photograph] 4
Lynn Pattison Burglar [prose poem] 3
Lynn Pattison Evening in the Diner [flash fiction] 4
Lynn Pattison Lora has been hidden in the tree trunk [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Lora no longer sees herself [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Once in a while Lora sees the strangeness [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Lora is never alone. [prose poem] 1
Lynn Pattison Why, [prose poem] 4
Rachael Peckham Black Box [prose poem] 5
Rachael Peckham Mr. Happy and the Secret Prayer Circle [flash fiction] 5
Barry Peters Fidelity [flash fiction] 4
Barry Peters The Michael Caine Dream [poem, lineated] 4
Linda Petrucelli Blink [creative nonfiction] 3
LeeAnn Pickrell Ode to Coffee [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 4
LeeAnn Pickrell Restricted [poem, lineated] 4
Stella Pierides And yet [haibun] 1
Stella Pierides Felting Haiga [or, Hairballs to Haiga: The Evolution of a New Hybrid Form, “Haikufelting”] [craft essay] 1
Stella Pierides Four Felting Haiga, aka Haikufeltings: “evening hour—”; “fiery sunset—”; “soft rains on Lesbos...”; and “worn smooth” 1
Stella Pierides Noir [A Triptych] [haibun story] 2
Stella Pierides So that we remember [haibun story] 3
Meg Pokrass Final Patient [micro-fiction] 1
Meg Pokrass Terminal [micro-fiction] 1
Howard Pyle The Mermaid [painting] 2
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Carol Raisfeld muddy roads [R] [taiga] 3
Carol Raisfeld Three Photo-Poems 3
Carol Raisfeld Three Senryu: “nude beach,” “gossiping,” and “anger management” 3
Suzanne S. Rancourt Symbiosis [lineated poem] 5
Suzanne S. Rancourt we wanted the war to be over [prose poem] 5
Bill Ratner Quarantine Ride [prose poem] 5
Robert Rhodes Quarantine, From the Garden Window [painting] 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Double-Timed at the Nickel Diner [micro-fiction + photograph] 5
Alexis Rhone Fancher Early Riser [photograph] 1
Alexis Rhone Fancher Mother’s Day [photo-poem] 3
Alexis Rhone Fancher Sunrise, San Pedro (7 January 2020) [photograph] 3
Alexis Rhone Fancher & Ellaraine Lockie Sky Spoof [photo-poem] 3
David C. Rice Lost Bird: Reward [tanka prose] 2
Kevin Ridgeway Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose [lineated poem] 3
Kevin Ridgeway Old Time Religion [lineated poem] 1
Kevin Ridgeway When I Grew Tall Enough to See Behind My Father’s Eyes [lineated poem] 1
Andrew Riutta A Copper Country Romance [haibun] 2
Andrew Riutta coronavirus— [micro-poem, COVID-ku] 3
Andrew Riutta Health Expo [haibun] 3
Andrew Riutta Life Out of Balance [haibun] 4
Andrew Riutta Lost and Found [haibun] 2
Andrew Riutta Prayer [haibun] 4
Andrew Riutta The Upper Peninsula of Michigan [haibun] 4
Mary Rohrer-Dann After Sarajevo [flash fiction] 3
Mary Rohrer-Dann Elegy for Houses [creative nonfiction] 3
Brad Rose Gold Doubloons [prose poem] 3
Brad Rose Keeping an Eye on You [prose poem] 3
Kimmo Rosenthal Olympia: Thoughts on a Courtesan in Eight Chapters [CNF, ekphrastic] 2
Robin Rosenthal Five Oil Paintings: Avocado Gondolas, Bag on Paper, Egg on Blue Plate, Red High Heels, and White Stacked Cups 3
Gary S. Rosin Cracks on Ice [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Gary S. Rosin Ex-Nihil? [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Gary S. Rosin Fields of Fire [poem, lineated] 4
Gary S. Rosin &
George Digalakis
Caught while escaping [haiga: poem + photograph] 4
Gary S. Rosin &
George Digalakis
Don Quixote on the Shore [chaiga: cherita (inverted) + photograph] 5
Gary S. Rosin &
Lucas Dumrauf
Empty chair, bare tree [haiga: poem + photograph] 4
Gary S. Rosin &
Grace Evans
Star Trails [haiga: poem + photograph] 2
Gary S. Rosin & Neil Hulme Waiting for the Future [photo-poem] 3
Gary S. Rosin & Richard Hunter Somewhere between [photo-poem] 1
Phyllis Ross & Ellaraine Lockie Pollage Number 92 [haiga hybrid: collage of watercolor and embroidery + poem and handmade paper] 1
Taylor Rossics Harass the Florist [micro-fiction] 2
Alexis Rotella A Stranger Here [haibun] 3
Alexis Rotella Three Artworks: Home alone [haiga]; Posing [haiga]; and Neena [digital art] 1
Alexis Rotella Two senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Alexis Rotella White Wash [haibun] 1
Robert Eugene Rubino Nixon’s the One [lineated poem] 2
Robert Eugene Rubino Uncool Kid [lineated poem] 2
C. C. Russell The Sound, the Message [micro-fiction] 2
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Linda Saldaña Mental Distancing in the Time of Quink [flash fiction] 4
Linda Saldaña The Wobble [micro-fiction] 5
Kelly R. Samuels Waiting for Tiangong-1’s Reentry [prose poem] 5
Steven Schroeder a gift of fire: speaking in tongues [painting] 1
Steven Schroeder all that is solid melts into air [painting] 1
Steven Schroeder event horizon 2 [painting] 1
Steven Schroeder from what I’ve tasted of desire [painting] 1
Steven Schroeder the arc between two deaths 5 [painting] 1
Daryl Scroggins Face of the Deep [prose poem] 3
Daryl Scroggins Nesting Patterns [prose poem] 4
Daryl Scroggins The Lexiconic Labyrinth of Millicent Greaves [flash fiction] 4
Daryl Scroggins Writer Boy [micro-fiction] 4
Tiffany Shaw-Diaz Six Works: Poems & Photographs 4
Tiffany Shaw-Diaz Two Watercolors [visual art] 4
John Shea The God-Fearing Man [flash fiction] 5
Cindy L. Sheppard [Geothermal] [photographs] 4
Lisa Shulman Nero Tells All [lineated poem] 1
Lisa Shulman Where Were You Last Night? [micro-fiction] 1
Tova Hinda Siegel Beyond the Kaleidoscope [prose poem] 2
Tova Hinda Siegel Sunday’s Circle [lineated poem] 2
Douglas P. Sjoquist Graveyard [micro-poem] 4
Barton Smock [A Quintet of Poems]: “Drawings”; “Beginning Ache”; “Lit Ache”; “Stem Ache”; and “Tame Ache” 2
John L. Stanizzi When I Get to Heaven [lineated poem] 3
Skaidrite Stelzer Holding On [lineated poem] 2
Brett Stout Three Digital Artworks: 18 Gauge de Stijl; The Downfall of Miami and Us; and Hood Rat Keys to the City 1
Brett Stout Three Mixed-Media Paintings: The Remission of Guillotines and Chemical Formulas; From ’Nam to Nowhere; and Untitled Abstract 1
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Charles D. Tarlton Crane by Ann Knickerbocker [tanka prose, ekphrastic] 5
Charles D. Tarlton Edmonia Lewis: The Death of Cleopatra [tanka prose, ekphrastic] 4
Charles D. Tarlton Girl With Seagulls, Trouville [tanka prose, ekphrastic] 5
Charles D. Tarlton It Looks Like Manet to Me [tanka prose, ekphrastic] 3
Charles D. Tarlton Marsh [prose poem] 4
Charles D. Tarlton Michelangelo’s Prisoners at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence: Untutored Reflections [tanka prose, ekphrastic] 1
Charles D. Tarlton Ornithology [lineated poem] 3
Charles D. Tarlton Second Cousin Nikki, a Carmody & Blight Dialogue [tanka prose] 1
Charles D. Tarlton Weight as Such [tanka prose] 1
Charles D. Tarlton Weltanschauung [poem, lineated] 4
Jess D. Taylor Above Water [micro-fiction] 2
Rina Terry Playing My Blue Guitar [poem, lineated]
Mary Hannah Terzino Cats in the Time of Covid [flash fiction] 5
Mary Hannah Terzino Dodge [micro-fiction] 3
Mary Hannah Terzino Nunworld [flash fiction] 3
Mary Hannah Terzino Ready Taxi [flash fiction] 5
Sarah Tinsley Now You Don’t See Me [prose poem] 3
Jordan Trethewey [Seven Questions About Process: An Interview With Lorette C. Luzajic] [nonfiction] 2
Laynie Tzena Spot [micro-fiction] 2
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Anne Vallayer-Coster White Soup Bowl [painting] 1
Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night [painting] 1
Christine L. Villa Instant Chemistry [painting] + “just when I thought” [micro-poem: cherita] 5
Christine L. Villa Morning Muse [painting] + “to find” [micro-poem: cherita] 5
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Marilyn Ward Two senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Lew Watts Ghost Ranch [haibun] 5
Lew Watts Holeh Holeh Holeh [haibun story] 1
Lew Watts Temples of Gods [haibun story] 5
Lew Watts The Magic Boomerang [haibun, lineated] 1
Julie Whitehead The Zen Masters [flash fiction] 2
Tony Steven Williams Post inferno [haibun] 1
Paul-Victor Winters Steamer Duck in the Garden of Eden [prose poem] 3
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled (2019) [prose poem] 1
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled (Lucidity) [prose poem] 1
Paul-Victor Winters Untitled (Significance) [prose poem] 1
Francine Witte Wolf [micro-fiction] 2
Lily Lavender Wolf change [prose poem] 3
Lily Lavender Wolf gemstone love [lineated poem] 3
Keith Woodruff Junk Drawer [prose poem] 3
Keith Woodruff Letter to Wordsworth [prose poem] 3
Keith Woodruff The Shore: On Reading Saigyo’s Poems of a Mountain Home [prose poem] 3
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Jeanne Yeasting Dear Berthe [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
Jeanne Yeasting Discriminating Distinction [prose poem] 2
Jeanne Yeasting From Today I Banish (Paris, 1860s) [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 2
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Aggie Zed Ceramic Sculptures [sculpture] 3
Aggie Zed Magician (2001) [ceramic sculpture] 3
Aggie Zed “What did those Magamen want?” [digital art] 3


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