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Name of Author Title of Work [+ genre] Issue
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Cynthia Anderson Born Again [poem, cherita sequence] 2
Cynthia Anderson Crossing Over [poem, cherita sequence] 3
Cynthia Anderson The Forest Town at the Foot of the Mountains [prose poem] 2
Cassandra Atherton Asphyxia [prose poem] 3
Cassandra Atherton Japanese Bath [prose poem] 3
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Mary Jo Balistreri Dalí Speaks With His Niece [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 2
Nancer Ballard After the Circus [lineated poem] 3
Roberta Beary Crossing Hearts [micro-fiction] 1
Roberta Beary Idiopathic [haibun story] 1
Roberta Beary Little Women [micro-fiction] 3
Roberta Beary not my gay son [photo-poem] 3
Roberta Beary To My Husband Unexpectedly Called Away [micro-CNF] 2
Roberta Beary Twisted Pearls [micro-fiction] 2
Roberta Beary Why I Write Haibun, or The Holy Trinity of Haibun [craft essay] 1
Roy Beckemeyer Central Heat [lineated poem] 1
Denis Bell Red Dawn [micro-fiction, ekphrastic] 2
Matt Bialer Island [lineated poem] 1
Matt Bialer Netherworld [lineated poem] 2
Guy Biederman Beast Mode [creative nonfiction] 3
Guy Biederman Gravity Hill [micro-fiction] 2
Guy Biederman There You Are and Here I Am [micro-fiction] 1
Guy Biederman What Darwin failed to mention is [flash fiction] 3
Guy Biederman What We Call Forever [micro-memoir] 2
Damyanti Biswas Afterwards, Only the Sea [micro-fiction] 3
Ace Boggess Big Bang May Have Created a Mirror Universe Where Time Runs Backward [lineated poem] 2
Heather Bourbeau Alice, Loved by the March Hare [micro-fiction] 3
Heather Bourbeau Lost Parrot [micro-fiction] 3
Louise Freshman Brown Red Dawn [collage illustration] 2
Jeff Burd Training and Comfort [flash fiction] 3
James Roderick Burns Four Micro-Poems: “Flame in my ear” [haiku], “Stepping over” [haiku], “How wonderful—snow” [tanka], and “Small brown leaf” [haiku] 2
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Bill Capossere Peckish [micro-fiction] 2
Bill Capossere The Last Man on the Moon [prose poem] 2
Marta Majorka Chocilowska Two senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Glenn G. Coats Jackie Boy [haibun story] 1
Glenn G. Coats Scout [haibun] 1
Jack Cooper No Place to Go: A Constant Reminder [essay] 2
Jack Cooper Not of This World [lineated poem] 2
Jack Cooper Sleepless in Fact [essay] 1
Jack Cooper When We Decide [lineated poem] 2
Theresa Coty O’Neil El Camino [prose poem] 3
Steve Cushman On the 17th Hole [prose poem] 2
Steve Cushman Oyster Crackers [prose poem] 2
Steve Cushman So Damn Tired [micro-fiction] 1
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Olivia Dalessandro On the Beach With Linda [flash fiction] 1
Tish Davis Fireflies [tanka prose] 2
Cherie Hunter Day For Strength [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Cherie Hunter Day Holiday Heart Syndrome [haibun story] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Bach in Vienna [prose poem, ekphrastic] 3
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Crapshoot in a White Coat [creative nonfiction] 3
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Dancing in the Eye [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Fall From Grace [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. I Dream I am Chuang Tzu Dreaming
He Is Me Dreaming We Are Dalí’s Moustache
[lineated poem]
Robert L. Dean, Jr. The God Particle [prose poem] 2
Robert L. Dean, Jr. The One the Brothers Grimm Left Out [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. Visitor [lineated poem] 3
Robert L. Dean, Jr. What I Remember [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Robert L. Dean, Jr. What Is the Frequency, Kenneth? [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Steve Deutsch Message in a Bottle [lineated poem] 3
Margaret Dornaus Late-Night Inventory [haibun] 2
Kika Dorsey Caring for the Bees [prose poem] 1
Kika Dorsey Hormonal [micro-fiction] 1
Kika Dorsey I’m Always Turning Around [prose poem] 2
Kika Dorsey Prayers [lineated poem] 1
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MaRco Elliott Two Paintings: In memory of the fallen heroes of the Great Freeway Wars (against the planet); and Rideshare, carpool, it’s cool 1
Michael Estabrook Minotaur [lineated poem] 3
Grace Evans & Gary S. Rosin Star Trails [haiga: photograph + poem] 2
Claire Everett Never Was It More So [tanka tale] 3
Claire Everett Subtle Ghosts [tanka tale] 2
Claire Everett The Refuge [haibun] 1
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Matthew Feinstein Before Bliss [lineated poem] 3
Matthew Feinstein To My Younger Self [lineated poem] 3
Scott Ferry The Japanese Andromeda [lineated poem] 3
Scott Ferry The way my father ate chicken [lineated poem] 1
Scott Ferry Two days before our neighbor died [lineated poem] 2
Peter Fiore A Note on Brevity [craft essay re American Gogyōhka] 1
Peter Fiore Don’t Stop the Dance [micro-fiction] 1
Peter Fiore Gumba [micro-fiction] 1
Peter Fiore She Asks About His Hat [prose tanka, American Gogyōhka] 1
Ann Fisher Illusions [micro-fiction] 3
Linda Nemec Foster Indigo Sky Above Spain [prose poem] 2
Linda Nemec Foster Memory as Red Hibiscus in Santorini [prose poem] 1
Linda Nemec Foster On St. James’ Feast Day, the Shells of Abakanowicz [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
Linda Nemec Foster Pablo Picasso in Lucerne [prose poem] 1
Linda Nemec Foster The Night’s Blue Bowl [prose poem] 1
Valerie Fox Playing With Dolls [prose poem] 2
Valerie Fox Re-Gift List (Not) [micro-fiction] 2
Terri L. French Appearances [haibun] 2
Terri L. French Neither here nor there [haibun] 3
Terri L. French Two senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
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Gary Glauber Another Bad Year for Florida Man [lineated poem] 1
Gary Glauber Selective Service [micro-fiction] 3
Steve Goldman Letter to the Editor re Electric Cars [nonfiction] 1
Phil Greenwood Blossom [etching] 3
Eamon Grennan An Object of Wonder: Always Say Goodnight by Matt Bialer [book review] 2
Mary Grimm In the Bathroom [micro-fiction] 1
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Cindy Bousquet Harris Gunnysack [poem, cherita sequence] 3
Kyle Hemmings Freakbeat [micro-fiction] 3
Kyle Hemmings Leaky [haibun story] 3
Lana Hendershott Jimmie Spheeris on the Turntable [micro-fiction] 3
Lana Hendershott Kids Deserve Decent Names [creative nonfiction] 3
Dennis Hinrichsen [schema geometrica] [DYSPHAGIA] [lineated poem] 2
Tanya Ko Hong Soft as Rock [lineated poem] 2
Tanya Ko Hong Suk Su Dong [lineated poem] 2
Neil Hulme & Gary S. Rosin Waiting for the Future [photo-poem] 3
Jonathan Humphrey A Tennessee Stock Pond, Transfigured [haibun story] 2
Jonathan Humphrey Green Gloves (On Becoming a Roadside Frog) [haibun story] 2
Jonathan Humphrey Recurring Arches (Duo for Vibraphone and Bare Feet) [haibun story] 3
Richard Hunter & Gary S. Rosin Somewhere between [haiga: photograph + poem] 1
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Gerry Jacobson The Isolation [tanka prose] 3
Peter Jastermsky Dearest One [haibun story] 2
Peter Jastermsky Drifting Snow [haibun] 1
Peter Jastermsky This Week’s Special [haibun] 3
Peter Jastermsky Three Micro-Poems: “all the miles” [cherita], “canyon fault lines” [senryu], and “desert crossroads” [senryu] 1
Peter Jastermsky Tipping Points [haibun] 2
Peter Jastermsky Two Micro-Poems: “morning lizard” [senryu], and “counting my blessings” [cherita] 3
Peter Jastermsky Two senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Maggie Jaszczak untitled hand fan [sculpture] 2
Arya F. Jenkins A Dog Is a Dog Is a Dog [flash fiction] 2
Arya F. Jenkins Days Like This [flash fiction] 2
Peter Johnson Anniversary [micro-fiction] 1
Peter Johnson Snails [prose poem] 1
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Arvinder Kaur One senryu + one haiku [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Teo Kefalopoulos Untitled [snapshot of Paulo Ernesto Silva holding Teo’s framed photograph Lost in Nothingness] 1
Brendon Kent One tanka [micro-poem, COVID-ku] 3
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Elegy: Class Trip [micro-fiction] 1
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Step-kids [prose poem] 1
Susan King Two senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Maureen Kingston Catfishing [prose poem] 3
Maureen Kingston Folly [prose poem] 2
Maureen Kingston Scriptura Continua [haibun story] 2
Gustav Klimt The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze [painting] 1
Ann Knickerbocker Thursday Night Thunderstorm [painting, mixed-media] 3
Kathryn Kulpa Halo [micro-fiction] 1
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J.R. Lancaster Reclining Nude on Sofa: Tribute to Amedeo Modigliani [painting: mixed-media figurative + artist’s commentary] 1
Madeleine Lascelle Joe Tuesday [flash fiction] 3
Kat Lehmann April [haibun] 3
Dotty LeMieux Holding Pattern [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Dotty LeMieux Y2K: A Memory [prose poem] 2
Michael H. Lester Two senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
John Levy Untitled [photograph of hummingbird] 1
Ellaraine Lockie Early Riser [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 1
Ellaraine Lockie Picture of Passion [lineated poem, ekphrastic] 3
Ellaraine Lockie & Alexis Rhone Fancher Sky Spoof [photo-poem] 3
Ellaraine Lockie & Phyllis Ross Pollage Number 92 [haiga hybrid: collage of poem and handmade paper + watercolor and embroidery] 1
Bob Lucky A Note to Edna [haibun] 1
Bob Lucky At the Doctor’s Office [prose poem] 2
Bob Lucky Charles D. Tarlton, Touching Fire: New and Selected Ekphrastic Prosimetra [book review] 1
Bob Lucky Dear AI Abby [prose poem] 1
Bob Lucky In a Brown Study [haibun story] 2
Bob Lucky One senryu [micro-poem, COVID-ku] 3
Bob Lucky Pussy Cat Survives Trip Through Airport X-Ray Machine [haibun] 3
Bob Lucky Silence [tanka prose] 3
Lumitone Photography How an Automat Works [photograph: vintage postcard, Horn & Hardart] 1
Lorette C. Luzajic Ceviche [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
Lorette C. Luzajic Figment [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Lorette C. Luzajic Four Visual Artworks: Borderline Marilyn; Let Yourself Forget How Your Story Began; Morning Glory; and Mysteries [mixed-media collage paintings] 2
Lorette C. Luzajic Gypsy Bisque [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Lorette C. Luzajic The Blood Diamond [prose poem, ekphrastic] 1
Lorette C. Luzajic The Sirens [prose poem, ekphrastic] 2
M [Back to Alpha Menu]
Clare MacQueen “No Succinct Summary Will Do Them Justice” [review of A Cast-Iron Aeroplane That Can Actually Fly: Commentaries From 80 American Poets on Their Prose Poetry] 2
Édouard Manet Olympia [painting] 2
Kathleen McGookey 581 Prestwick [prose poem] 2
Kathleen McGookey Magnificent Error [prose poem] 2
Marietta McGregor FaceTime: Session 3 [haibun] 3
Amalia Melis January Widow [memoir] 1
Mark Meyer One haiku + one senryu [micro-poems, COVID-ku] 3
Mark Meyer selbstporträt— [haiga: digital art + poem] 2
Mark Meyer Two Artworks: Bon Vivant and Pleiomorphic [digital pigment prints] 2
Mark Meyer worlds within worlds [haiga] 3
Michelangelo Four Prisoners at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence (Atlas Slave; Awakening Slave; Bearded Slave; and Young Slave) [sculpture] 1
Joseph Mills Art Education [micro-fiction] 2
Joseph Mills Testimonial [prose poem] 2
Amedeo Modigliani Reclining Nude, Head Resting on Right Arm (aka Nude on a Sofa) [painting] 1
Berthe Morisot The Cradle [painting] 2
Rick Mulkey Concerning Whiskey [lineated poem] 1
Rick Mulkey Waking Alone After Drinking Too Much Wine in Umbria [lineated poem] 1
Rick Mulkey Where are you, Walt Whitman? [lineated poem] 1


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