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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Fran Abrams It’s Pi Every Time [poem] 11
Nathan Agostino [Lightning Giant] [photograph] 8
Serena Agusto-Cox Two Poems After Gustave Caillebotte: “Practice” and “Apprentice” [poems, ekphrastic] 6
Pauline Aitken Dendron [visual art]; collaboration, with ekphrastic poem by Christine Stewart-Nuñez 7
Dave Alcock Believer [microfiction] 16
Dave Alcock Congeners [microfiction] 13
Dave Alcock Equanimity [microfiction] 15
Dave Alcock Fall [microfiction] 12
Dave Alcock For the Errand That Brings Us Together [microfiction] 13
Dave Alcock Gaps [microfiction] 12
Dave Alcock Hand [microfiction] 16
Dave Alcock Limbo [microfiction] 13
Dave Alcock Lorikeets [prose poem] 18
Dave Alcock Out [microfiction] 14
Dave Alcock Seed [microfiction] 12
Dave Alcock Wishing Well [microfiction] 18
Stephen A. Allen Chicago Street Scene [haibun] 18
Stephen A. Allen Curated Playlist [haibun] 18
Linda Allison Anatomy of an Inspired Chef [prose poem] 11
Janice Alper Two Bucks of Happiness [micro-poem] 18
Cynthia Anderson American Beauty [cheribun] 13
Cynthia Anderson Animals [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Cynthia Anderson Born Again [poem: cherita sequence] 2
Cynthia Anderson Cinema Perdu [prose poem] 15
Cynthia Anderson Cow Swatting Flies [poem, ekphrastic] 13
Cynthia Anderson Crossing Over [poem: cherita sequence] 3
Cynthia Anderson Doctor, My Eyes [haibun] 11
Cynthia Anderson Et Tu, Brute? [haibun] 12
Cynthia Anderson False Spring [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Cynthia Anderson Formerly Known as Ion [haibun story] 7
Cynthia Anderson Four Micro-Poems [cherita] 12
Cynthia Anderson Garbage Out [haibun] 11
Cynthia Anderson “I’m a Bill you never have to pay” [haibun] 15
Cynthia Anderson Indwelling [haibun] 18
Cynthia Anderson La Buena Vida [haibun] 15
Cynthia Anderson Merry and Bright [micro-poem: tanka sequence] 10X
Cynthia Anderson Now or Never [micro-poem: split sequence] 11
Cynthia Anderson Self-Paced [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Cynthia Anderson Simpatico [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Cynthia Anderson Summer of Love [cheribun] 13
Cynthia Anderson Territory [haibun] 14
Cynthia Anderson The Deaths of Others [prose poem] 15
Cynthia Anderson The Forest Town at the Foot of the Mountains [prose poem] 2
Cynthia Anderson The Sculptor and His Muse, by Rodin [poem, ekphrastic] 9
Cynthia Anderson Three Micro-Poems [haiku] 17
Cynthia Anderson Three Micro-Poems [cherita and haiku] 4
Cynthia Anderson Three Micro-Poems: “gentrification” [cherita], “road to ruin” [senryu], and “in my life” [cherita] 5
Cynthia Anderson Three Senryu: “blowing snow,” “there is no spoon—” and “wishful thinking” [micro-poems] 7
Cynthia Anderson Two Cherita: “[body of water]” and “[stoic]” [micro-poems] 14
Cynthia Anderson Trail Chains [poem] 7
Cynthia Anderson Two Cherita [micro-poems] 9
Cynthia Anderson Yin/Yang [micro-poem: split sequence] 11
Doug Anderson Forgive Me, It’s the Vaccine Talking [poem] 7
Debbi Antebi Rules [haibun] 9
David Appelbaum The Phone Call [poem] 6
Glen Armstrong Two Poems: “Year of the Sea Monkey CVII” and “Year of the Sea Monkey CVIII” 8
Sandra Arnold The end of the rainbow [flash fiction] 14
Mikki Aronoff Cinder [microfiction, ekphrastic] 10
Mikki Aronoff Fossils [microfiction] 12
Mikki Aronoff Fugue, 1956-1959 [microfiction, ekphrastic] 13
Mikki Aronoff Heist [flash fiction] 18
Mikki Aronoff Old Chestnuts [microfiction] 12
Mikki Aronoff Promises [microfiction] 13
Mikki Aronoff Ready or Not [prose poem, ekphrastic] 13
Mikki Aronoff Split Apart [micro fiction, ekphrastic] 12
Mikki Aronoff Spurt [microfiction] 12
Madeline Artenberg Crak, Bam [poem] 10
Madeline Artenberg Offspring [poem] 11
Madeline Artenberg Rhinestones and Memories [poem] 10
Madeline Artenberg Soft Hand [poem] 11
Cassandra Atherton Asphyxia [prose poem] 3
Cassandra Atherton Japanese Bath [prose poem] 3
Cassandra Atherton & Paul Hetherington Cabaret (1972 film) [sequence of five prose poems, ekphrastic; and poets’ commentary] 13
Sharon Auberle Musca Domestica [haibun] 7


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Caroline Bacher Cross My Heart [visual art, mixed-media] 12
Jason Baldinger Blue Mound, Illinois (2022) [B&W photograph] 17
Jason Baldinger Ladonnia, Missouri (2022) [B&W photograph] 17
Jason Baldinger Weirton, WV (2022) [B&W photograph] 18
Jason Baldinger Zanesville, OH (2022) [B&W photograph] 18
Mary Jo Balistreri Dalí Speaks With His Niece [poem, ekphrastic] 2
Nancer Ballard After the Circus [poem] 3
Nicole Barge Mésange kamikaze (Kamikaze Titmouse) [photograph] 10X
Stephen Barile Boules [poem, lineated] 18
Tony Barnstone and
Kendall Johnson
A Conversation with Tony Barnstone: Writing Difficult Materials (Part I) by Kendall Johnson, which includes Barnstone’s poem “The Beer Hall Putsch” 17
Tony Barnstone and
Kendall Johnson
A Conversation with Tony Barnstone: Writing Difficult Materials (Part II) by Kendall Johnson 18
Tina Barry I tell Henrietta that before I left my boyfriend [microfiction] 18
Tina Barry My year of telling lies [microfiction] 18
Rebekah E. Bartlett English Still Life, French Nature Morte [poem] 17
Rebekah E. Bartlett Planet 9 from Outer Space [poem] 17
Rebekah E. Bartlett The World Is Too Much With Us [poem] 17
Claire Bateman Dig [microfiction] 8
Claire Bateman Five Artworks [mixed-media] 8
Claire Bateman Metaphorically Speaking [prose poem] 8
Claire Bateman Print [prose poem] 8
Claire Bateman The Perforating Spider [prose poem] 8
Claire Bateman Weathers [prose poem] 8
Ruth Bavetta Elegy for Aunt Katie [poem] 17
Ruth Bavetta Madonna With the Long Neck [poem, ekphrastic] 10
Roberta Beary 20 Things Mother Told Me, Ironing Father’s Shirts as I Peeled Potatoes Waiting for My Boyfriend’s Call [microfiction] 6
Roberta Beary 20th Anniversary Debris [microfiction] 10
Roberta Beary A Study in Contrasts in County Mayo [microfiction] 9
Roberta Beary Blue Flower Braided [CNF] 7
Roberta Beary Bon Secours Mother & Baby Home [microfiction] 8
Roberta Beary But We’re Family [haibun story] 12
Roberta Beary Clapping Like Mad [microfiction] 8
Roberta Beary Crossing Hearts [microfiction] 1
Roberta Beary Cousins on My Mother’s Side [microfiction] 12
Roberta Beary Dealing With Rejection [essay] 12
Roberta Beary Gap Year [flash fiction] 12
Roberta Beary How to be Remembered [flash fiction] 11
Roberta Beary Idiopathic [haibun story] 1
Roberta Beary In Praise of the Youngest [microfiction] 17
Roberta Beary Little Women [microfiction] 3
Roberta Beary Midnight @ Broadway Magic Diner [microfiction] 12
Roberta Beary My Lover Needs Me to Bubble With Her [microfiction] 4
Roberta Beary not my gay son [photo-poem] 3
Roberta Beary Right as Rain [microfiction] 13
Roberta Beary St. Joseph’s Academy Kindergarten [cheribun] 13
Roberta Beary Summertime Blues [haiku & monoku sequence] 12
Roberta Beary Sunday Miscellany [micro-CNF] 8
Roberta Beary The Anniversary Surprise [microfiction] 5
Roberta Beary The Body in the Bed [microfiction] 17
Roberta Beary The Past Is a Foreign Country [microfiction] 5
Roberta Beary The Super Power of Lipstick [haibun story] 17
Roberta Beary The True Story of the Reproduction of The Holy Shroud and the Convent School: Brought to You by Yours Truly, Creator of the Quaeritur Podcast [microfiction, ekphrastic] 15
Roberta Beary The Ultimate Guide to Exercise, or How I Spend My Weekend [microfiction] 11
Roberta Beary This Is Just to Say, or Carly Calls Me for the Fifth Time on Her Birthday [haibun story] 6
Roberta Beary To My Husband Unexpectedly Called Away [micro-CNF] 2
Roberta Beary Twisted Pearls [microfiction] 2
Roberta Beary Two Worlds [prose poem] 11
Roberta Beary Up Down Sideways [microfiction] 12
Roberta Beary Watching Needles Grow [microfiction] 4
Roberta Beary When Winter Comes [micro-CNF] 10X
Roberta Beary Why I Write Haibun, or The Holy Trinity of Haibun [craft essay] 1
Sylvia Beaupré Signs [flash fiction] 5
Roy J. Beckemeyer Barbara Hamby Embraces the Swedish Word Mångata [poem] 5
Roy J. Beckemeyer Central Heat [poem] 1
Roy J. Beckemeyer Experiment in Poetry, Memoir, and Art: Four 1950s-Small-Town-Illinois Memoir-Poems Paired with Paintings by Van Gogh, with Author Commentary [essay, NaB (Nuts and Bolts)] 18
Roy J. Beckemeyer Grieving [poem] 12
Roy J. Beckemeyer Hummingbirds [poem] 11
Roy J. Beckemeyer Insurrection [prose poem, ekphrastic; and poet’s commentary] 13
Roy J. Beckemeyer Letters From Vincent [poem, ekphrastic; and poet’s commentary] 13
Roy J. Beckemeyer Megarhyssa [poem, ekphrastic] 14
Roy J. Beckemeyer Opening Shutters [poem] 12
Roy J. Beckemeyer Prothalamion [poem] 6
Roy J. Beckemeyer Purgatory [prose poem, ekphrastic] 15
Roy J. Beckemeyer Shores [poem] 9
Roy J. Beckemeyer Starlings: Ode to Murmuration [poem] 11
Roy J. Beckemeyer Symphony Below the Threshold of Hearing [poem] 9
Roy J. Beckemeyer The Color of Blessings [poem] 5
Roy J. Beckemeyer The Fifth Way [prose poem] 17
Roy J. Beckemeyer The Way Night’s Lapidary Light Burnishes Your Skin [poem] 6
Roy J. Beckemeyer Their Late-Night Conversation [poem, lineated] 18
David Belcher The Cohort [microfiction, ekphrastic] 13
Denis Bell Red Dawn [micro fiction, ekphrastic] 2
Denis Bell The Acrobat [flash fiction] 6
E. J. Bellocq Girl With Striped Stockings [photograph] 13
Laurel Benjamin My Country [poem] 5
Laurel Benjamin Tulsa [flash fiction] 5
Matt Bialer Island [poem] 1
Matt Bialer Netherworld [poem] 2
Guy Biederman A Descent of Woodpeckers [prose poem] 14
Guy Biederman Beast Mode [CNF] 3
Guy Biederman Café Therapy [microfiction] 10
Guy Biederman Convergence of Light [prose poem] 15
Guy Biederman Egret’s Flight [prose poem] 10
Guy Biederman End of Story [flash fiction] 11
Guy Biederman Fred [microfiction] 17
Guy Biederman Gravity Hill [microfiction] 2
Guy Biederman Hang a Lantern on the Carpenter’s Mistake [prose poem] 11
Guy Biederman I Won’t Be Long [microfiction] 14
Guy Biederman In So Many Words [CNF/craft essay] 4
Guy Biederman In the Swing [prose poem] 18
Guy Biederman Kitchen Mishap [microfiction] 15
Guy Biederman Living Is Easy Behind Ray Bans [flash fiction] 16
Guy Biederman Lovers of a Bygone Era [flash fiction] 7
Guy Biederman Maraschino [flash fiction] 4
Guy Biederman Matsuda Morning [prose poem] 9
Guy Biederman Measure [microfiction] 6
Guy Biederman Misplaced [microfiction] 17
Guy Biederman Oatmeal Chronicles [prose poem] 15
Guy Biederman Pride and Joy [microfiction] 6
Guy Biederman Quite [prose poem] 11
Guy Biederman Rockin’ the Chi [prose poem] 4
Guy Biederman Round Trip [flash fiction] 6
Guy Biederman Simple Math [prose poem] 18
Guy Biederman Terrycloth Monk [microfiction] 12
Guy Biederman There You Are and Here I Am [microfiction] 1
Guy Biederman There’s a Name for That [prose poem] 14
Guy Biederman Tomato [microfiction] 5
Guy Biederman Turn on the A/C [micro-SAF] 8
Guy Biederman Two-Handed Touch [micro-CNF] 6
Guy Biederman We Devoured Books [prose poem] 5
Guy Biederman What Darwin failed to mention is [flash fiction] 3
Guy Biederman What We Call Forever [micro memoir] 2
Peggy Hale Bilbro Clear the Decks [haibun] 16
Peggy Hale Bilbro Texas Two-Step [haibun] 16
Peggy Hale Bilbro Untitled [by a thread] [photo-poem] 16
Damyanti Biswas Afterwards, Only the Sea [microfiction] 3
Bob Black Four Untitled Photographs [visual art] 10
Callie S. Blackstone Escape from the Zoo [microfiction] 15
Callie S. Blackstone Untitled (“My mother calls ... ”) [microfiction] 15
María Blanchard Woman with a Fan (Mujer con abanico) [painting] 12
Michael A. Blanchette Golden Lights [photograph] 10X
Michael A. Blanchette Out of Service [photograph] 11
Lavina Blossom Out for a Walk [prose poem] 14
David Blumenfeld Clouds of Garlic [CNF] 11
Rose Mary Boehm Kleidung wider den Tod zu Rom, Anno 1656 [poem, ekphrastic] 16
Rose Mary Boehm Silences [poem] 10
Rose Mary Boehm The Ashes of Ukraine [haibun] 18
Ace Boggess Big Bang May Have Created a Mirror Universe Where Time Runs Backward [poem] 2
Ace Boggess Fire Fox [poem] 17
Ace Boggess On My Mind [poem] 6
Heather Bourbeau After November 8 [microfiction] 4
Heather Bourbeau Alice, Loved by the March Hare [microfiction] 3
Heather Bourbeau Egress [microfiction] 4
Heather Bourbeau Hide and Seek [microfiction] 4
Heather Bourbeau Lost Parrot [microfiction] 3
Janet Bowdan Shingles [prose poem] 15
Marion Starling Boyer Forelsket [haibun] 15
Ann Brantingham Three Drawings in “A Walk Among Giants,” excerpts from Kitkitdizzi: A Non-Linear Memoir of the High Sierra [visual art] 16
Ann Brantingham,
John Brantingham, &
Kendall Johnson
A Conversation with John and Ann Brantingham, Authors of Kitkitdizzi: A Non-Linear Memoir of the High Sierra by Kendall Johnson [nonfiction: interview] 16
John Brantingham Chella Courington’s Adele and Tom: The Portrait of a Marriage [book review] 18
John Brantingham Finnegan’s (Fiancée Goes McArthur Park on His Birthday) Cake [flash fiction] 9
John Brantingham Geoffrey Philp on the Continuing Lessons of The Holocaust [interview] 18
John Brantingham Little Dancer, Aged 75, Paris 1940 [microfiction, ekphrastic] 13
John Brantingham Mary Before Degas’s Dancers in the Rotunda at the Paris Opera [microfiction, ekphrastic] 13
John Brantingham Paternoster [poem, lineated, ekphrastic] 18
John Brantingham Paul Klee’s Introducing the Miracle [poem, ekphrastic] 13
John Brantingham The Big Fish [microfiction] 9
John Brantingham Three Untitled Micro-Prose in “A Walk Among Giants,” excerpts from Kitkitdizzi: A Non-Linear Memoir of the High Sierra [nonfiction] 16
John Brantingham Wait, Just Wait [microfiction] 10
John Brantingham Waltzing with the Rage Monster [essay, NaB (Nuts and Bolts)] 18
Charlie Brice Old Age [poem] 11
Chuck Brickley amour d’escargots [micro-poem, ekphrastic: hay(na)ku spiral] 18
Chuck Brickley Even With Adam [haibun story] 5
Chuck Brickley Osteria Napoli, East Vancouver [senbun story] 18
Chuck Brickley the way two [micro-poem: hay(na)ku chain] 5
Tim Bridwell DMV 88 [flash fiction] 5
Angela Carole Brown Alms [microfiction: drabble] 15
Angela Carole Brown Five Artworks ([Happy Accident]; Blu Period; Blood Need Only Signify Womanhood; Man on Deathbed Enveloped in His Dreams; and The Sea)[paintings] 15
Angela Carole Brown Intersection [microfiction: drabble] 15
Angela Carole Brown Splenic Descent [microfiction: drabble] 15
Angela Carole Brown Withheld [poem] 14
Louise Freshman Brown Red Dawn [illustration, collage] 2
LoVerne Brown Of Error and Consequence [poem] 5
Jeff Burd Indian Car [flash fiction] 7
Jeff Burd Training and Comfort [flash fiction] 3
Jeff Burd What to Expect [flash fiction] 10
James Roderick Burns Four Micro-Poems: “Flame in my ear” [haiku], “Stepping over” [haiku], “How wonderful—snow” [tanka], and “Small brown leaf” [haiku] 2


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Name of Author Title of Work + [genre] Issue
Gustave Caillebotte The Floor Planers (1875) [painting] 6
Pris Campbell No More... [tanka sequence] 12
Christopher Candice Beepbop [microfiction] 5
Christopher Candice The Q Menagerie [flash fiction] 4
Bill Capossere Peckish [microfiction] 2
Bill Capossere The Last Man on the Moon [prose poem] 2
Matthew Caretti Drinking Pálinka With Attila [haibun] 7
Sarah Carleton 1977 [poem] 11
Sarah Carleton Lonesome [poem] 17
Sarah Carleton Out of the Fog [poem] 11
Sarah Carleton Soft Landing [poem] 17
Emily Carr Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky (1931) [painting] 6
Emily Carr The Great Eagle, Skidegate, B. C. (1929) [painting] 13
Joann Carrabbio Eight Paintings [Featured Artist] 5
Bella Mahaya Carter A Couple of Queens [microfiction] 18
Bella Mahaya Carter God of the Cornfield [microfiction] 18
Bella Mahaya Carter The Magician [microfiction] 18
William Cass Anniversary [flash fiction] 12
William Cass Neighbors [microfiction] 16
Luanne Castle A Trio of Linked Micro-Stories (“From the kitchen you enter”; ;“Fluffy gray kittens”; and “From my locked bedroom,”) [microfiction] 7
Pamelyn Casto In the Quink of an Eye [flash fiction] 4
Hemapriya Chellappan Almost Human [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Hemapriya Chellappan & Bryan Rickert One Last Look [micro-poem: rengay] 10
Hemapriya Chellappan & Christine L. Villa On the Brink [micro-poem: split sequence] 9
Marta Majorka Chocilowska Two senryu [micro-poems: COVID-ku] 3
David Chorlton A Chinese Court [painting] 13
David Chorlton & Gary S. Rosin Talking Back to Art [poems, ekphrastic] 13
Jackie Chou Kismet [cheribun] 11
Roberto Christiano The Question of Questions [poem, ekphrastic] 15
Rick Christiansen Baby Teeth [prose poem] 14
Rick Christiansen Into the Can [haibun] 11
Rick Christiansen Sharp Encounters [haibun] 11
Robin Church Fascinated by Death [prose poem] 13
James Claffey Two Prose Poems: Numbers 1 and 5 from his series “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” 9
Dennis Marden Clark Quink Again [poem] 4
Jennifer Clark A Pleasant Incident [prose poem] 9
Jennifer Clark In the opinion of this operative, this town steams with lewdness [microfiction] 9
Camille Claudel The Waltz [sculpture] 18
Tom Clausen & Christine L. Villa Ancient Call [micro-poem: split sequence] 10
Carrie Close Ode to my breasts [poem] 9
Glenn G. Coats Headstream [haibun] 7
Glenn G. Coats Intercessor [haibun story] 7
Glenn G. Coats Jackie Boy [haibun story] 1
Glenn G. Coats Scout [haibun] 1
Karen Coburn Untitled [Woman in red dress] [digital drawing] 16
Douglas Cole Paradise Now [flash fiction] 8
Richard Cole The Silence of God [poem] 5
Richard Cole Two Monochromes: Big Love and Corona 5 [visual art] 5
Richard Cole Understanding Markets [haibun] 5
Roger Colombik A Prayer for Sakartvelo [prose poem] 10
Jack Cooper Green Confidence [poem] 7
Jack Cooper It’s Time to Rethink Recycling [essay] 5
Jack Cooper Naming the Phenomenon [essay] 4
Jack Cooper No Place to Go: A Constant Reminder [essay] 2
Jack Cooper Not of This World [poem] 2
Jack Cooper Sleepless in Fact [essay] 1
Jack Cooper Triangle [prose poem] 7
Jack Cooper Two Poems 4
Jack Cooper When We Decide [poem] 2
Kazuko Cooper Sunbow [Sun Halo] [photo] 4
Beth Copeland Mountain Cento [poem] 16
Carlotta M. Corpron Little Boy with Peppers, Mexico [photograph] 18
Dawn Corrigan Half Measures [micro-poem] 8
Theresa Coty O’Neil El Camino [prose poem] 3
Gustave Courbet Girl With Seagulls, Trouville [painting] 5
James Crombie Starling Murmuration Over Lough Ennell [photograph] 7
Michael A. Cummings Three Art Quilts: James Baldwin: Born Into a Lie #3; Frida Kahlo; and Freedom [textile arts] 10
Laine Cunningham Conquistadores [prose poem] 4
Laine Cunningham Selfie [poem] 4
Steve Cushman On the 17th Hole [prose poem] 2
Steve Cushman Oyster Crackers [prose poem] 2
Steve Cushman So Damn Tired [microfiction] 1
Rachel Custer After Reading Flannery O’Connor [prose poem] 18
Rachel Custer The Lunch Lady Reads The Poisonwood Bible [prose poem] 18
Rachel Custer The Calvinist Preacher Reads The Great Gatsby [prose poem] 18
Lynn Czaban Four Portrait Quilts [textile arts, ekphrastic] 13
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